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Total Duration of all Episodes:
1 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes and 21 seconds
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14 February 2019 (2:26pm GMT)
Latest Episode:
14 December 2018 (2:24pm GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
33 days, 14 hours, 1 minutes and 19 seconds

The Ood Cast Episodes

  • HaikWho: Season 33 or v 2.7 (2011 / 2012)

    29 January 2013 (4:20pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
    Nature needs saving,
    only mothers need apply.
    Family comes first.

    Asylum of the Daleks
    A shameful secret
    is the trap that heals their wounds.
    He is forgotten.

    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
    Black marketeer nicks
    ancient space ark to sell on.
    Gets booming profit.

    A Town Called Mercy
    Anger clouds judgement,
    as robotic killer stalks.
    It’s out of his hands.

    The Power of Three
    Home life bores him, as
    Foe picks on wrong vermin.
    Dad will water plants.

    The Angels Take Manhattan
    Stoned Metropolis
    rescued by their sacrifice.
    Last word always hers.

    The Snowmen
    He hides in the clouds
    ’till right one begs his return.
    Not just snowmen thaw.



    To be continued…

  • The Ood Cast Annual 2012

    18 December 2012 (11:41pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 35 minutes and 38 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Oodcast, Steven Moffat, TARDIS, Gallifrey“To fire monkeys into people’s bums…”

    You know when you win a Christmas hamper at the raffle? You’re really excited but then you peek underneath the bottle of cava, bits of raffia and Elizabeth Shaw mints, and you find that someone’s padded out the bottom with dusty tins of spam, pineapple chunks in sugar-free syrup and those crackers that taste like baked paper?

    This episode is nothing like that.

    The Ood Cast (Audio) Annual 2012 is exploding from top to bottom with Christmassy goodness (a bit like Andy), including an opportunity to win a spot as a guest host, the Audio Ood Cast Monster Guide, a story from Michael of Tin Dog Podcast fame, puzzles, fact files, an 80′s smash hit and most importantly, THE LITTLEST DOCTOR!

    Listen until you feel bloated and sick, then swear off us, promise you’ll do better in January and wait for two weeks before giving in and listening again. We know that’s what you’ll do. We’ll be doing it too.

  • The Ood Cast S05E10 - An Unearthly Nugget

    24 November 2012 (12:38am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 40 minutes and 1 second

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Oodcast, William Hartnell, An Unearthly Child“It’s like a chinchilla”

    In several shades of grey, slightly fuzzy around the edges and beloved of children everywhere, it’s the first ever episode of Doctor Who – An Unearthly Child. But what will the Oods make of their first review of a classic episode? Will Andy oscillate with whirling paroxysms of joy? Will Loz fall asleep live on air? Will Sigma reference pagan rituals and summon demons from the netherworld? Will Alph tread the knife edge of politically incorrect comedy without slipping and accentally slicing himself in half like a Damien Hirst sculpture?

    Find out ALL THIS and MORE in Episode 10!

    Now with added 60′s funky time bending flummery.

  • The Ood Cast S05E09 - BBC

    15 November 2012 (1:18am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 24 minutes and 46 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Oodcast, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Ood“Eat a spider & then sit through Vengence of Varos.”

    At the Ood Cast, you won’t be flabbergasted to hear that we hate to see lovely old British institutions taking a hammering from people who really couldn’t do any better themselves.

    That’s right, we’re talking about the BBC!

    Haterz back off!

    Sure, it’s not perfect but it’s still one of the UK’s best features. Along with cream teas, the NHS and Bill Bailey.

    So for this episood, we chose to sit the mics next to a speaker grille and record a solid 25 minutes of Radio 4. Because we’re highbrow and that.

    Also, Goaty. Gotyay? Goatee? Gotye. Because it’s slightly more melodic than other cult YouTube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ and Laura’s Korean is limited to ‘hello’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘you cannot buy a monkey at this market’*


  • The Ood Cast S05E08 - Across the Pond

    6 November 2012 (11:39pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes and 27 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Amy Pond, Rory Pond, Oodcast“May the best of your past be the worst of your future...”

    In which we consider the Ponds as companions, people, fictional characters and plot devices.

    Join the Ood Cast for a lovely chat about the beautiful and spirited Ponds.

    As the Autumnal evenings pull in, pour yourself a hot chocolate and settle back to listen to us discussing these most complex and compelling of modern companions, taking in the entire sweep of their journey with the Doctor.

    PLUS the untold story of Amelia Pond’s origin, a Bond/ Doctor Who cross-over theme song and the inaugural EPIC RAP BATTLE OF TIME.


  • NEW ALBUM - Marriages & Stopped Clocks

    25 October 2012 (8:38pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    Trock, Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Ood CastWelcome, intrepid listeners.

    Feast your ears on the Ood Cast’s new direction – an electric joyride through 25 tracks of dubstep delight. We hope you wub it as much as we wub’d recording it.

    That’s not what you were expecting? Oh well. Back to the ‘B’ side….

    This time it’s songs from the fourth & fifth series of The Ood Cast – Doctor Who parodies from every conceivable genre of music from folk to rap (yes … rap) via Jonny Cash, Aqua, Ani Difranco, Jonathan Coulton & Ed Sheeran…

    … but if those guys were interested in human-shaped spaceships, minotaurs, cyborgs & Steven Moffat.

    TWENTY FIVE tracks for your listening pleasure, including two songs that are EXCLUSIVE to the album. You can’t hear them anywhere else.

    Click here to go to our downloads page.

  • The Ood Cast S05E07 - The Regeneration Game 3

    17 October 2012 (11:49pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 36 minutes and 18 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Oodcast, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Ood Cast“What the heckington?”

    Fingers on nodules, everyone – it’s the Ood Cast’s semi-regular quiz show format, this time hosted by the redoubtable Laura Sigma.

    But what has Loz got in store for her co-hosts? Fiendish musical offerings? Insane leaps of pure fiction that bear little to no resemblance to rational thought? A bit where language breaks down completely?

    You bet your sweet brain cells she does. All that and more besides.

    Who will win? And what does that say about that person exactly?

    Experience the game show that Laura herself describes as ‘pretty mental’.

  • The Ood Cast S05E06 - Winter Quay is Coming

    6 October 2012 (12:38pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 37 minutes and 45 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Oodcast, Dr Who, Matt Smith, Amy Pond, Steven Moffat, TARDIS“You know how mosquitos fly through the rain...?”

    She was just a girl. A girl with long legs and an even longer memory. And the skinny guy- fading from the corners of her vision like a puddle disturbed by a footstep – was a nurse. They called him “Mr Sweetdreams” on the night shift because his use of topical anaesthesia was legendary.

    She could still hear voices on the wind from the past – talk of dames, plot holes and dry towels, of laughter, longing, loss and a shadowy character spoken of in whispers as ‘The Moff’. Why did he enjoy inflicting pain on those who loved him? Was he a misanthrope? A genius? Or just a really twisted scotsman?

    What ever he was, she knew she had to get out of town – and fast. But where could she run from that creeping grey menace? Was it ageing or angels that she feared? Was it even fear at all – or the urging of something even more primal – that drove her forward. She shut her eyes – stretched out her pale hands – and gave chase.

  • The Ood Cast S05E05 - Box Clever

    26 September 2012 (11:09am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    The Ood Cast, Doctor Who, TARDIS, Amy Pond, Matt Smith, The Power of Three“I think he looked rather jolly … with his cheek tusks. I’m calling them chusks.”

    The surface of the cube is cold to the touch. Cold but with something surging behind it, like a heart beat.

    Like a storm.

    You run your fingers along its hard edges, trying to discern something of its function in its form but come up blank. Your mind can’t wrap itself around the concept of it. Too advanced, too alien.

    You turn to leave and that’s when it hums to life, glyphs picked out in a pulsating blue flicker across its dark surface. And that’s when you understand, that’s when you hear – a history of Earth in five waves of a sonic screwdriver, real lions at Nelson’s column, the bonobo tariff, four, mad chattering voices uniting in praise...

    You turn and run but already you know it’s too late; can already feel the hairs rising on your neck as the bolt of electricity arcs across the void and connects with your heart. And as you slip into the darkness beyond your last thought hangs for a moment in the fading theatre of your subconscious ...

    That podcast was totally worth it.

  • The Ood Cast S05E04 - The Good, The Bad & The Super Ugly

    21 September 2012 (4:44pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 36 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Matt Smith, TARDIS, Steven Moffat, Toby Whithouse, Gallifrey“I did like the cyborg – his face looked like pork scratchings stapled to a ball bearing...”

    When I was a child, my favourite story was about a podcast that went on forever. A podcast packed with tales of the Old West, talking hammers and a double macchiato and cactus cake meal deal.

    A podcast that came from the internet.

    By the time this episode arrived, the listeners of the Ood Cast were used to the strange and the impossible. But were they ready for guest stars from Radio Free Skaro, The Two Minute Timelord, The Doctor Who Podcast, Radio Rassilon, The Doctor Who Book Club and The Minute Doctor Who Podcast?

    Where they came from didn’t matter, as a man once said “You can find them all at www.doctorwhopodcastalliance.org”.

    Do I believe the story? I don’t know. But next time you’re on the internet, ask someone why they don’t have a marshall or a sheriff or a policeman there?

    “Because that would be almost impossible to enforce in a global digital community” they’ll say.

    And then they’ll smile like they got a secret.

    Like they got their own special podcast to listen to. Their very own podcast that came ... from the internet.

  • The Ood Cast S05E03 - Dinocast on a Spacepod

    14 September 2012 (10:16am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 40 minutes and 25 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, TARDIS, Gallifrey, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship‘Ow, my plums.’

    Riddell pushed his way through the undergrowth, the thick, verdant leaves of the jungle tugging at his shirt sleeves and the exposed skin beneath. An array of flying insects buzzed ceaselessly around him, drawn by the salty tang of the sweat pooling in the furrows of his forehead and the shifting plain of flesh between his shoulder blades.

    And yet the mighty game hunter didn’t move an inch. Despite the irritants, the discomfort, the yearning pain in his thighs, he remained motionless.

    She was beautiful.

    Less than 15 feet away, the Ood Cast Season 5, Episode 3 stretched its long neck and let out a low, satisfied roar. The beast was clearly at peace.


    From his hidden perch Riddell could clearly see every inch of his prey. The ferocious looking claws, the parody songs, the review of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, even the welcome presence of a return appearance by the Littlest Doctor.

    He was near enough to see the whites of its eyes … and the hilarious spoof sketches about secondhand dinosaurs, T-Rexes in the bath, killer kestrels & a robotic Laurel & Hardy.

    This was his chance. His whole life had led up to this moment.

    With a measured exhalation Riddell brought his rifle up to his shoulder and aimed for the heart…

  • The Ood Cast S05E02 - Dalek, Interrupted

    6 September 2012 (10:12pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 40 minutes and 51 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr Who, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Asylum of the Daleks, TARDIS“I think that sounds a bit like an ill cockerel…”

    This week, flogging a dead cybermat, the Ood Cast return to the concept of “Sexy Daleks”. There's also an earnest debate, peculiar mouth noises, a wet shave and some filing cabinets. Not to mention a new companion, an exciting twist and the Special Weapons Dalek.

    Elsewhere, an industrial manufacturer gets an order they just can't handle, Skaro may or may not have been destroyed and Alpha’s being a good Dad.

    Yes, a brilliant first episode has flashed past our screens. We’ve tried to review it but to be honest, it's all a bit of a Blur…

    We’re just flirting to keep you interested.

  • The Ood Cast S05E01 - 22 Short Stories About Doctor Who

    31 August 2012 (12:13am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 47 minutes and 27 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Doctor Who, Dr, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, TARDIS, Ood, Gallifrey"Run a bath, lie back, relax and prepare to have your animal instincts awoken."

    We don't know about you, but our eyeballs are glowing white-hot in anticipation of the start of the next series. It's a bit like ’42′. We are running out of cucumber slices. To try and whet our appetites, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE OODS got out pens, paper & ipads and set to work creating a smorgasbord of plays, stories, memories, poetry and vignettes to amuse, move and inspire you. And to take your mind off reading any spoiler-stuffed reviews (we're looking at you, Dr Who Magazine)…

    Join Alpha, Andy, Sigma and Loz from cradle to- well – now, as they explore what goes on in the writer’s room, how to ride a triceratops, why the Doctor fought a dragon and the more sensuous side of the Daleks.

    (clue: it's ribbed for your pleasure)


  • HaikWho: Season 33 or v 2.7 (2012)

    14 July 2012 (11:48am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
    Nature needs saving,
    only mothers need apply.
    Family comes first.


    To be continued…

  • HaikWho: Season 32 or 2.6 (2011)

    14 July 2012 (11:44am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    A Christmas Carol
    Spaceship could be saved,
    but grumpy chap won’t do it.
    ‘Til he’s shown his past.

    The Impossible Astronaut
    Doctor dies, friends mute,
    creepy voice bothers Nixon.
    Unlikely spacemana|

    Day of the Moon
    Forgotten Silence
    defeated by their own voice.
    No moonwalk though. Shame.

    Curse of the Black Spot
    High jinx on high seas,
    siren calls shipmates to doom.
    Pirates in space now!

    The Doctoras Wife
    His soulmate human,
    her thiefas box stolen by voice.
    She leaves with ahelloa.

    The Rebel Flesh
    Dustyas voice draws them,
    goo-based people threaten him.
    Doctor meets himselfa|

    The Almost People
    At war with themselves,
    survivors saved, one doc melts,
    Amyas giving birth?!

    A Good Man Goes to War
    Doc calls in favours,
    Headless Monks prove toothless too.
    River flows from Ponds.

    Letas Kill Hitler
    Riveras source is corked,
    as tiny people revenge.
    Hitleras alright though.

    Night Terrors
    House call for bedtime
    canat save him from the monsters.
    But thatas acause dads rock.

    The Girl Who Waited
    Pond drifts to wrong stream,
    avoids kindness atill rescue.
    Love regained and left.

    The God Complex
    All rooms double-booked
    And revealed faiths consume guests.
    Donat talk to the clown.

    Closing Time
    Metal men and rats
    steal some personal shoppers.
    Craigas love wins. (Againa|)

    The Wedding of River Song
    He is beaten, but
    withdrawing into himself
    still wins. Travels on.

  • HaikWho: Season 31 or v 2.5 (2010)

    14 July 2012 (11:42am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Eleventh Doctor
    A raggedy dream.
    Quick to temper and concern,
    A throwback in tweed.

    The Eleventh Hour
    Shed crushed, duckpond jumped,
    Toothy snake escapes from jail.
    Guards don’t like shouting.

    The Beast Below
    Humankind escape fate
    by torturing a nice whale.
    Turns out not to mind.

    Victory of the Daleks
    Disguised as squaddies,
    They wait for him to notice.
    Then they run away.

    The Time of Angels
    Wrecked spaceship conceals
    last surviving stone evil.
    They’ve made a mistake.

    Flesh and Stone
    She counts down from ten,
    but can’t see what’s hunting her.
    Gravity cracks them

    Vampires of Venice
    Rennaisance horror
    is a rich, hungry fish beast.
    The danger rings off.

    Amy’s Choice
    Freezing space death or
    dream life (with evil grannies)?
    It’s all in his head.

    The Hungry Earth
    Drill disturbs locals,
    who drag them to their level.
    Revenge is waiting…

    Cold Blood
    Peace talks begin but
    fail as both sides start attacks.
    And then there were two.

    Vincent and the Doctor
    Flirty artist paints,
    his unseen demons are fought.
    It changes nothing.

    The Lodger
    Love story postponed
    as flat is sneaky spaceship.
    They switch it off.

    The Pandorica Opens
    His foes are plotting
    a fall under ancient site.
    He has no escape…

    The Big Bang
    He escapes – using
    a paradox, and proves that
    Supergroups don’t work.

  • HaikWho: The 2009 Specials (Season 30 Part 2 or v 2.4a I guess)

    14 July 2012 (11:41am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Next Doctor
    Tin pot child catchers
    beaten by their own big plans.
    More planning needed.

    Planet of the Dead
    Wait ages, then get
    threatened by swarm of metal
    bug things. Typical.

    The Waters of Mars
    Pioneers wet selves
    as virus destroys their base.
    Victory is false.

    The End of Time (Part 1)
    Ood warnings ignored.
    Master revived but insane,
    brings the past to life…

    The End of Time (Part 2)
    Time Lords return shot,
    Master takes the Doctor’s hit.
    Extended farewells.

    Regeneration (X)
    He saved his loved ones,
    and is now out of control.
    And still not ginger.

  • HaikWho: Season 30 or v 2.4 (2008)

    14 July 2012 (11:40am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    Voyage of the Damned
    Jolly Christmas jaunt
    spoilt by mad head-in-a-box.
    Hosts not angelic.

    Partners in Crime
    Creepy breeding plan
    brings him another cockney.
    Nanny’s not immune.

    The Fires of Pompeii
    Roman East End is
    cover for fiery monsters.
    Survivors’ house gods.

    Planet of the Ood
    Creatures forced to serve
    potential owners their drinks.
    They just want to sing.

    The Sontaran Strategem
    Hostile spuds return
    with too-complex sat nav plan.
    Martha calls him back…

    The Poison Sky
    Clones confuse while
    firework disrupts feeding time.
    Traitor mashes foes.

    The Doctor’s Daughter
    Family gained through
    sneaky army recruitment.
    She has two hearts too.

    The Unicorn and the Wasp
    Country house murders.
    Misleading mythical names
    mask the wasp-done-it.

    Silence in the Library
    River arrives to
    see her past and Donna saved.
    Count up the shadows…

    Forest of the Dead
    Empty suits threaten,
    knock-out saves him, Donna breaks.
    Source dries here (for now).

    Possessed passengers
    and large unseen threats outside.
    Donna’s choice was best.

    Turn Left
    Time-changing beetle
    shows her life without him sucks.
    Already knew that.

    The Stolen Earth
    Davros nicks planets.
    Old friends return but can’t stop
    Rose getting him shot…

    Journey’s End
    Masterplan backfires
    as Children of Time look on.
    “Handy” way out found.

  • HaikWho: Season 29 or v 2.3 (2007)

    14 July 2012 (11:39am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Runaway Bride
    Girl meets boy; boy is
    stolen by giant spider.
    Same old story, right?

    Smith and Jones
    Goth rhinos search moon
    for blood-sucking pensioner.
    He treats his saviour.

    The Shakespeare Code
    Witches brew trouble
    using the bard’s famous words.
    Improv spoils their plan.

    Future traffic jams
    will be livened by huge crabs.
    He is not alone.

    Daleks in Manhattan
    Pig slaves and dancing
    girls lead to Pepperpot cult.
    They see the future…

    Evolution of the Daleks
    Hybrid’s plan falls flat,
    in-fighting kills off vision.
    Pig wins dancer’s heart.

    The Lazarous Experiment
    Man recaptures youth,
    but finds too much in his genes.
    Killer vibrations.

    One episode’s length
    to save a ship from a sun.
    Of course he does it.

    Human Nature
    He becomes earthling,
    trusts everything to his watch.
    She can’t convince him…

    The Family of Blood
    Timepiece allows space
    for his cold revenge to brew.
    His love turns him down.

    Timey-wimey traps
    are turned on encroaching stone.
    Their bootstraps pulled up.

    Angry Jack surfs time,
    while professor hides true form.
    Rivals are re-born…

    The Sound of Drums
    PM hunts trio,
    to kill, banish and age them.
    Tiny Doctor caged…

    Last of the Time Lords
    Hero helpless but
    popular opinion saves.
    Old foe forgiven.

  • HaikWho: Season 28 or v 2.2 (2006)

    14 July 2012 (11:27am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 minutes and 0 seconds

    The Tenth Doctor
    Tormented live wire,
    electric and infectious.
    Not quite last in line.

    The Christmas Invasion
    Tea revives Time Lord,
    and blood controls some humans.
    Satsuma surprise.

    New Earth
    Suspicious felines
    nurse a face and hide a hide.
    Body unstolen.

    Tooth and Claw
    Highland ninjas pounce
    and werewolf confused by jewel.
    One is not amused.

    School Reunion
    Old friends return to
    take oily chips off menu.
    Boom worse than his bite.

    The Girl in the Fireplace
    Never free of them,
    he is worth all the monsters.
    Her lonely angel.

    Rise of the Cybermen
    Madman makes tin men.
    Mickey unites with himself,
    party is gatecrashed…

    The Age of Steel
    Disaster looms, ’till
    metal chaps defeated by
    phone-induced despair.

    The Idiot’s Lantern
    Faceless subjects miss
    the coronation day fun.
    Telly’s bad for you.

    The Impossible Planet
    Drilling in deep space
    leads to self-tatooing craze.
    Ancient evil wakes…

    The Satan Pit
    Possessed Oods attack,
    as escape defeats the beast.
    Doctor tows them free.

    Love & Monsters
    One man’s obsession
    brings friends, absorbing foes and
    filthy paving slabs.

    Fear Her
    Tiny lost creature
    draws the Doctor into trap.
    A storm approaches.

    Army of Ghosts
    Loved ones returning,
    his creation turns on him.
    Two armies converge…

    Truces are declined,
    but enemies are voided.
    He goes on alone.

  • The Ood Cast S04E12 - The Ood Cast Awards

    26 April 2012 (10:33am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 57 minutes and 36 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    “And the winner is…”

    The Oscars.A The Golden Globes.A The BAFTAs.A Rear of the Year.

    These are some award ceremonies we have heard of and, in some cases, been nominated for (Andy came fourteenth in the 1987 Rear of the Year – we’re very proud).

    A little late to capitalise on the awards season, perhaps, but the fevered minds at The Ood Cast are rolling out the red carpet for the great, the good and the naggingly-unsatisfactory-in-some-minor-way to assess Series 6 as a whole and divvy up some hand-cast trinkets to the things we loved and those we loved a little less.

    (Come on, you’re not listening to a normal podcast here … we love everything!)

    So take your seats, adjust those tuxedos and swishy dresses and enjoy The Ood Cast Awards 2012!

  • The Ood Cast S04E11- Who's That Girl (Running Around With You)?

    14 April 2012 (12:52am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 31 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    “She has a nice round face with dimples on it … and I quite like her hair.”

    Doctor Who is nearly 50. It has been around for almost half a century and yet remains one of the most popular, creative and vital shows on television.

    And the secret to this ridiculous longevity? Sure scripts, actors and production values play a part but the key ingredient, we would argue, is change.

    The ability to renew itself, to change almost entirely and yet remain completely recognisable has emerged over the years as the programme’s greatest strength.

    Now join the Ood Cast to celebrate the latest in a long glorious line of changes as Jenna-Louise Coleman is announced as the new companion.

    Hear their opinions on the future of our beloved programme and then be prepared to be whisked into the recent past as Chris Sigma presents his feedback from the official convention.

    Past, present, future – all of time and space is waiting for you.

    Plus some people explode.

  • The Ood Cast S04E10 - The Roberts of Death

    28 March 2012 (10:47pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 0 days, 0 hours, 45 minutes and 50 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    “Itas a pantomime about Fascism.”

    Oooh, you lucky, lucky listeners.

    Have we got a treat for you?

    Gareth Roberts, writer of our Favourite Show Ever and hot off the desk from publishing his most recent novel, the Douglas Adams-inspired Shada, has floated down like a lovely hairy cherub wearing a Skype headset so we can ask him embarrassing questions on your behalf.

    What’s it like working on the show? What’s the worst idea he’s ever had? Whatas going to happen in Season 7? What if the Fourth Doctor had touched the wires together in aGenesis of the Daleksa and Robert Shearman consequently had to write an episode called aClama?


    Monkeys, monkeys!

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