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About the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance

The Doctor Who Podcast Alliance tries to bring all the Doctor Who related podcasts together in one place for the convenience of listeners and as a social and organisational forum for us podcasters.

What is isn't

  • The DWPA has no official standing anywhere or with anyone - it is merely for the convenience of all.
  • The DWPA has no (and seeks no) authority over anyone or anything. It does not exist to impose. No one is bound by anything.
  • The DWPA does not replace the normal communication mechanisms between listeners and a podcast - continue to directly email/Twitter/Facebook/forum to podcasts as you've always done.

What it is

  • The DWPA does exist to provide a place where listeners can get an overview of the various Doctor Who podcasts they might be interested in.
  • The DWPA is intended to be a place where the podcasters can virtually get together, hang out and plan any multi-lateral podcast events.
  • The DWPA does provide a forum if you want a convenient way to talk with all the podcasts at once but feel free to use alternative means.
  • The DWPA does exist to help new podcasters - if you are thinking of starting up a new podcast seek out our forum and we'll be happy to help.

Joining the DWPA

If you have a Doctor Who related podcast then we would very much like to welcome you to the fold. To sign your podcast up please visit the Submit Podcast page.


On the 6th of September 2009 some of us Who podcasters were invited along to a 1 day convention called Whooverville, in Derby, England. The lure of a free convention and the chance to finally meet some of our fellow podcasters (not to mention going up on stage and doing a panel with them) was too hard to resist. About a dozen of us met up (in many cases for the first time) and it felt like we instantly knew each other. A wonderful time was had by all. We parted, looking forward to the next time we'd meet.

In October 2009 a few of us had that chance again. This time only about four podcasters could attend but it was a normal convention for us, we weren't invited guests. That's fair enough, Whooverville was an unusual event from that point of view. What we hadn't expected was some surprising hostility from the organisers towards us, almost certainly born of a lack of understanding of what we were about. We realised that Podcasters and other 'New Media' types might appear a little scary, uncontrolled - we don't fit into traditional media boxes.

In the closing months of 2009 many of us got together, virtually, to look at this curious problem and see what we could do about it. The Doctor Who Podcast Alliance was born. A place where we could self organise on those occasions we need to, providing a united front when required, and the rest of the time just hanging out together in cyberspace!

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