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  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #279 - Als ich mein Ohr auf Trenzalore verlor - Boah

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

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    14:15 (GMT) - 20 Aug 2014

    Wir haben uns heute hier versammelt, um zusammen mit einer Flasche Sherry das Ende einer Ara zu feiern. Oder besser zu betrauern. Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge (und naturlich mit einem im Kahn) besprechen Kolja und Raphael heute die letzte Folge mit Matt Smith als Doctor - Time of the Doctor und werfen dabei einen kurzen Blick auf die Ara des ersten Moffat-Doctors. Fur alle, die noch vor dem 23. 08 reinhoren - gibt es etwas zu gewinnen!

  • Two-minute Time Lord

    2MTL 352: The Fate of the Impossible Girl

    Two-minute Time Lord

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    03:04 (GMT) - 20 Aug 2014

    So the tabloids think that season is Clara's swan song. I'm not ready to see her go, but…

    Guess what haters – Clara is the best companion, second maybe only to Donna.

    — Kyle Anderson (@FunctionalNerd) August 16, 2014

    really, Kyle Anderson of Nerdist.com? Let's not go quite that far. Yet.

  • Who Back When

    A015 Hothouse

    Who Back When

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    01:21 (GMT) - 20 Aug 2014

    The Doctor and Lucie battle a rockstar environ-mentalist intent on turning the Earth into a Brussels sprout.

    The post A015 Hothouse appeared first on Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast.

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

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    01:00 (GMT) - 20 Aug 2014


  • Geeklectic

    Ep 17 - The Crusade (Story 14)


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    15:44 (GMT) - 19 Aug 2014

    We discuss "The Crusade" which was our first reconstructed episode of Doctor Who that we featured. Jean Marsh was great, Ian was pointless and every one was the bad guy!

  • DWO WhoCast

    DWO Whocast - #329 - Doctor Who Podcast

    DWO WhoCast

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    11:46 (GMT) - 19 Aug 2014

    Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas, Dean & Michelle say goodbye to the Doctors and the WhoCast with a look at Matt Smith


    Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar. E Murrow

  • The Doctor Who Podcast

    The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #271 - Season 8 Preview: SPOILERS!

    The Doctor Who Podcast

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    06:30 (GMT) - 19 Aug 2014

    Yes, it's here. It's our spoiler special preview of Series Eight! In case you didn't get it from the title, this episode does not hold back in discussing all the recent chatter doing the rounds on the interweb. Rumours, conjecture and no fewer than three Kooky Theories of the Week make up this week's DWP. […]

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

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    01:00 (GMT) - 19 Aug 2014

    19th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • The Happiness Patrol

    Episode 128: That Fantastic Duo

    The Happiness Patrol

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    00:43 (GMT) - 19 Aug 2014

    The Happiness Patrol takes on a monumental task this week with the overview of the entire New Who era.  More precisely, a compare and contrast of the Russell T Davies era and the Steven Moffat era.I think this is one that got pretty deep, so take a listen and enjoy this week's
    The Happiness Patrol Episode 128: That Fantastic Duo

  • Two girls, a guy and a TARDIS....The Podcast - Nervous Dog Produ

    Episode 33....Presason review!

    Two girls, a guy and a TARDIS....The Podcast - Nervous Dog Produ

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    19:02 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014

    So in this episode, our first in awhile, we basically do a little "preseason" show for the upcoming season premiere in just about a week.  We recap the casting, what we know about episodes and what we hope to see in the next season and beyond!  So as always thanks and enjoy!  Oh and by the way if you're in the Cedar Rapids area October 31st through November 2nd stop in at the Cedar Rapids Marriott and check out ICON 39!


    -John, Nicole and Joanna

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    DWPA - http://www.doctorwhopodcastalliance.org/podcast?podcastid=132

  • The Krynoid Podcast

    059: The Moonbase

    The Krynoid Podcast

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    17:02 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014

    "Clever. Clever. Clever."

    Well, if the Cybermen are that bloomin' clever, they'd target the more body-conscious members of The Moonbase crew with their veiny virus too.

    Never mind, the silver giants have plenty more plans up their practice golfball-studded sleeves and this spells trouble for the internationally-branded Boyz N The Base.

    But they reckon without Gollum Doctor, a lead-swinging Jamie, Polly the Barista, and Ben "Know-it-All" Jackson.

    Will the Cyberman be able to cope with the gravity of the situation? Just what will fire extinguishers look like in 2070 AD? And is Dr Evans the most active dead man in history?

    Find out (maybe) here!




  • Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL PODCAST #68 - Series 8 preview - We're BACK!

    Mutter's Spiral Podcast

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    16:27 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL PODCAST IS BACK! Yes, we took ANOTHER hiatus during this most recent fallow period, but... DOCTOR WHO, with Peter Capaldi taking over as the DOCTOR, returns on August 23!  AND, we're here to talk about the upcoming series and discuss goings-on, like the DW World Tour, episode titles, a new credit sequence, spoilers and just what IS a spoiler, and lots more!  

    PLUS - TRIVIA (small batch this week - but includes a neat note linking a new show on US TV to Doctor Who and a specific and kilted companion).

    Also - ALS challenge discussion (BARROWMAN!), lots of name dropping (Brannigan, Sage & Kim of Head Over Feels , Kelly aka The TV Mouse , Verity!, Hugo awards, etc).

    Please join us! 

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode #234

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

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    10:54 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014


    Adam, Kirby, Debbie and Mary end our current series of randomiser reviews by staging a full commentary of the fourth Doctor story, Meglos.

    In this bumper two and a half hour show we also have feedback, news and You Won't Get This One.

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    A Fresh Start

    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

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    02:56 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014

    It has been stated that the only true constant is change, and no one is more aware of that than Whovians. The TARDIS, the companions, even (and especially) the lead actor are all subject to change. We’re getting ready for … Continue reading →

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

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    00:30 (GMT) - 18 Aug 2014

    18th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • Dr Who Livecast

    Dr Who Livecast - Episode 32: Small Worlds

    Dr Who Livecast

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    22:30 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    -Back to basics with a duo show -Fairies ain't just scary, they be BUSTA scary

  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #278 - Der mit dem Vogel

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

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    21:06 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    Wie versprochen sind wir - ohne lange Wartezeit - wieder da. Diesmal nur kurz und auch nicht allein. Nach einem "eingespielten" Max besprechen wir heute das Big Finish Companion Chronicle 1.1 "Frostfire".

  • Who's He?

    Who's He? Podcast #170 And another one gone

    Who's He?

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    19:30 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    In this special episode of the Who's He? Podcast, we take a look back at Matt Smith's time in the Tardis and discuss the impact he had on the show, how he could lift mediocre stories and Paul and Phil each reveal their favourite and least favourite Matt Smith performances.  However, it's not just their opinions being aired this episode as we have plenty of listener feedback as well.

    And in the news this week, the Symphonic Spectacular returns down under in 2015, a teaser trailer for Deep Breath and because it's the height of summer, Omega's Tat Corner has a festive feel.

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 116: One Man Chatting

    The Blue Box Podcast

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    19:08 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 116: One Man Chatting Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free Skaro #435 - Into The Darkness

    Radio Free Skaro

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    18:00 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    Only one week to go until the premiere of Series 8, or as Warren (and no-one else) terms it, 8mageddon, and there’s news of trailers, radio trailers, misguided Tom Baker biopics, Doctor Who world tours and more. But more importantly, Friend of the Show, all around fine gent and writer of some renown Phil Ford returns to talk about “Into the Dalek,” his contribution to Series 8 due to grace our screens in just a couple of weeks, but also about the Deep Breath premiere in Cardiff and just how wonderful Peter Capaldi really is, both on and off camera. And if you’ve ever wanted to know what ringtones the Three Who Rule have on our phones, well….you’re welcome.


    Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • The Sonic Toolbox

    Episode 146: Megadeth

    The Sonic Toolbox

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    18:00 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    Summer's almost over, which is a bit bitter sweet.  We say goodbye to our Summer Concert Series (thank you all for indulging us and having fun with it), but hello to Series 8 and a new Doctor.  This week we have our headline act.  One of the most controversial in the industry, Megadeth!  And I'm sure that Dave Mustaine would love it if he knew we were using his band to bring us around to the topic of all the death that's happened on this simple, British, children's show.  That's right.  50 years of body count.  And it hasn't all been caused by everyone but the Doctor.

    But first, we join our dear Uncle Elmer on a wonderful rabbit chase.  Enjoy!


    "Sweating Bullets" from the Megadeth album Countdown to Extinction, 1992.

  • The Cultdom Collective

    EPISODE267 - Classic Who! Reviewing EOTW and WOF

    The Cultdom Collective

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:42 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    Today we look back to classic Who! After what might be a longer news section we review the recently re-discovered 2nd Doctor stories Enemy of the World and Web of Fear.

  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Podcast #191: Recursion of the 1980s

    Staggering Stories Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    09:33 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014


    Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Jean Riddler, Keith Dunn and Scott Fuller review the 1982 classic film ‘Tron’, the 1982 Doctor Who story ‘Castrovalva’ and the 2014 Karen Gillan film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, stow some Escape Pod Discs, find some general news and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

    • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
    • 00:59 — Welcome!
    • 02:09 – News:
    • 02:20 — Doctor Who: Moffat’s online videos.
    • 04:38 — Dirk Gently: New TV Series on the way?
    • 06:45 — Doctor Who: Australian simulcast and more Symphonic Spectaculars.
    • 08:58 — Doctor Who: Capaldi signed on for second season?
    • 11:40 – Tron (1982 film).
    • 27:02 – Escape Pod Discs: Scott.
    • 29:46 – Doctor Who: Castrovalva.
    • 48:00 – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 film).
    • 59:05 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at// <![CDATA[ getaddress("show"); // ]]>
    • 75:22 – Farewell for this podcast!
    • 76:51 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • Staggering Stories: Podcast Drinking Game, Fifth edition.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • Wikipedia: Dirk Gently.
    • Wikipedia: Tron.
    • Wikipedia: Castrovalva (Doctor Who).
    • BBC: Doctor Who – Castrovalva .
    • Wikipedia: Guardians of the Galaxy (film).
    • Soundcloud: The Infinity Archives podcast.
    • Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.
    • Stitcher: Smartphone podcast streaming app.
    • Facebook: Staggering Stories Group.
    • Google+: Staggering Stories Page.

  • Dirty WHOers's Podcast

    Dirty WHOers 071

    Dirty WHOers's Podcast

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    08:00 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    Mumbling through 'Day of the Daleks' [1972].

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

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    01:00 (GMT) - 17 Aug 2014

    17th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • The TARDIS Tavern

    Episode 117: Daleks with a Chaser

    The TARDIS Tavern

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:13 (GMT) - 16 Aug 2014

    Every now and then one must turn one’s sights away from the brilliant (as in “Pyramids of Mars”) and the ridiculous (I’m looking at you, “Mindwarp”) and focus on something that’s just plain fun.  With that, we sit down in a dark, wet alley with our good friend Josh Zimon of The Memory Cheats and A Mostly Harmless Cutaway to discuss “The Chase”, featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki.

    Whilst grappling with feral cats and diving in dumpsters, will we conclude that “The Chase” is an underrated gem…or does it deserve to go down in history as one of the most craptastic pieces of television ever produced?  Listen and find out!

    Be sure to look for us on Facebook (we’re quite popular there) or email us feedback at tardistavern@gmail.com.  You can also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh via @whomejz.

  • The Infinity Archives

    The Infinity Archives- Series 2 Trailer

    The Infinity Archives

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:14 (GMT) - 16 Aug 2014

    Will returns to explain the new changes to the show. The Blog is- http://dwinfinityarchives.blogspot.co.uk/ and the new youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqL6JX1rTE7a7HI08G9Ms3Q/feed?view_as=public e-mail- theinfinityarchives@outlook.com Twitter-@DWInfinitypod Facebook- www.facebook.com/groups/theinfinityarchivespodcast/

  • The Untempered Schism Podcast

    Episode 96 : Vengeance on Varos

    The Untempered Schism Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:00 (GMT) - 16 Aug 2014

    Varos is hardly the most hospitable place to visit, let alone when the Sixth Doctor and Peri need some Zeiton-7 ore to fix the TARDIS. Of course it's not quite easy to get, more so as the whole place is a former prison planet and run in about the most insane way possible. For the Doctor that just means he needs to perform bit of regime change on the side, for Peri it means gaining a few feathers.

    Twitter: @schismpodcast
    Web: http://www.untemperedschism.org/

    Duration: 23:02

  • The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm Ep 117: BF # 47 - What a Twist!

    The Oncoming Storm

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:45 (GMT) - 16 Aug 2014

    Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel are back in episode 117 of The Oncoming Storm! Or are they? Maybe they just think they are, and they're really ancient beings that have clawed their way back to our universe from the Anti Matter universe. Or maybe they've just been spending too much time thinking about the Big Finish Story Omega, by Nev Fountain. It's the first in a trilogy of stories focusing on some of Doctor Who's most vile villains. What secrets will this story reveal about Gallifrey's most infamous fallen hero? All of this, plus the news coming out of Big Finish's 15th anniversary! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got Omega action figures. With lifelike ranting action!

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 16 Aug 2014

    16th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #tindogpodcast #doctorwho

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On: Episode 239(Doctor Who: The Daleks Master Plan episodes 1-6 mini review)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:27 (GMT) - 15 Aug 2014

    Using a mixture of excisting episodes and recons I review the first six episodes of Doctor Who: The Daleks Masterplan. I'll review the concluding episodes next time.

    You can read more about this week's story here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_daleks_masterplan

    and the wife in space blog's verdict here http://wifeinspace.com/2011/04/the-daleks-master-plan-1-4/ and here http://wifeinspace.com/2011/04/the-daleks-master-plan-5-10/

    End theme is Doctor Who theme(Band aid mix) 

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/

    If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to tdrury2003@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/3711029536/in/set-72157621161239599/ in case you were wondering. 

  • The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

    89 - The Bottom 10

    The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:22 (GMT) - 15 Aug 2014

    TMDWP returns for a series of eight episodes and in this first one I take look at the bottom 10 in DWM's 50 year poll. Can I say something positive about each one?

    The Confirmation testimony that I mention in the episode can be found here.

    Follow on Twitter: @TMDWP

    Email the show: min_dw@yahoo.co.uk

    Please rate and leave a review on iTunes

    Available in YouTubeHD - http://youtu.be/P5iH1Cq0mRM?hd=1

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:30 (GMT) - 15 Aug 2014

    15th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #277 - Owen the Ice Warrior

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Direct Podcast Download

    23:53 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    Und weil es beim letzten mal soviel Freude gemacht hat, werfen wir heute wieder einen kurzen Vorabblick auf eine der kommenden Folgen. Diesmal ist es "Into the Dalek". Ausserdem wurden wir mit Postkarten bedacht und es gibt eine Bewerbung von einem alten Bekannten.

  • Arrow of Time

    089.5 - Merchandising, Mushy-ness, and Trivia Mania!

    Arrow of Time

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:00 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    In this excitingly new “Time and a Half,” Kelley joins Matt one last time in San Diego before she ships off to Boston for the unforeseen future. They discuss Capaldi’s anti-smooch stance, ridiculous merchandising, and play some Doctor Who trivia! This sure is one for the books, if podcasts had books, which we sometimes do, but not this time.

  • The Memory Cheats

    The Memory Cheats #127

    The Memory Cheats

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:00 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    Episode #127 of Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats! And the story we will be discussing today is...



    Visit our website at http://www.thememorycheats.libsyn.com


    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thememorycheats


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  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 27: The War Machines

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:00 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    This week we cover Doctor Who story #27, 1966's "The War Machines", in which the Doctor faces off against WOTAN: the most advanced computer the Earth has ever produced!  We're joined this episode by special guest co-host Leann Hall!

    QotW: If you could choose any director (living or dead) to direct an episode of Doctor Who, who would it be?

    Listener Mailbag

    Discussion of "The Savages" (Trevor 8, Charlie 8, David 6.5, Leann 6.5)

    Connor's Corner

    Discussion of Big Finish audio adventure "The War to End All Wars" (Trevor 6.5, Charlie 4, David 5.5, Leann 7.5)

    Doctor Who Events: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 from Titan Comics


    • Trevor
      • Twitter: @WhovianTrev
      • Tumblr: http://trevsplace.tumblr.com/
    • Charlie
      • Twitter: @insanityinchaos
      • Infinite Longbox Podcast
      • Comic Conspiracy Podcast
    • David
      • Twitter: @gwythinn
      • WWW: http://www.davidsafar.com/
      • Tumblr: http://maroonedwhovian.tumblr.com/
    • Leann
      • Twitter: @leannabellhall

    Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who serial #28, The Smugglers AND William Hartnell’s swan song, serial #29, The Tenth Planet, reviewed together in one extra-long episode to make sure we finish them up before Peter Capaldi’s premiere, Deep Breath, on August 23rd!  Although The Smugglers is completely lost, we invite you to follow along by listening to the soundtrack before the podcast.  You can acquire a copy from audible.com.  The first three episodes of the four-parter The Tenth Planet are intact, and the fourth has been animated.  You can buy the DVD from Amazon.com, the BBC Doctor Who Shop, or many other fine retailers.

  • Drunken Time Travel

    7.02 Doctor Who and the Silurians

    Drunken Time Travel

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:04 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    Third Doctor, Brigadier, and Liz Shaw Come and follow the exploits of Jeff and Reg Silurian where you can find out where they keep their eyes! Exiled to earth and now working for unit as their scientific advisor, the doctor is summoned to an underground research centre at wenley moor to investigate a series of inexplicable power losses. Initially suspecting sabotage, he soon discovers that the nearby cave system conceals a colony of an ancient reptilian race called the silurians. Awaking from a hibernation which has lasted millions of years, they are now intent on reclaiming the earth from mankind..
    Directed By: Malcolm Hulke Written By: Timothy Combe
    Beer: An Gof - Lizard Ales Brewery

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 402: Pollard S1

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:30 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    #doctorwho #tindogpodcast Pollard Box Set review

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    14th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast #astrology

  • Transmissions From Atlantis

    Episode 83 - The Joel Hodgson Interview

    Transmissions From Atlantis

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:59 (GMT) - 14 Aug 2014

    We have a very special Transmissions From Atlantis this week. Courtesy of Dragon Con, we have the opportunity to have an in depth interview comedic legend and creator of one of our favorite television shows of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Joel Hodgson. We talk about Joel’s career, his time on MST3k and his future projects. This is a must listen for any Misty! We also remember another comedy legend, Robin Williams who passed away this week. We also chat about the trailer for Peter Capaldi’s first episode in Doctor Who, Deep Breath.

    All this, plus another Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science!

    Download Now!

    Transmissions From Atlantis 83 – The Joel Hodgson Interview

    1:02 – Opening

    2:33 – Robin Williams

    13:41 – Joel Hodgson

    1:05:55 – Dr. Geek’s Moment in Science

    1:08:35 – Doctor Who

    1:32:52 – Closing featuring Robin Williams’ Friend Like Me

    You can buy Ancient Rising - The Audio Theater Book on CD and digital download for $24.99 at Blackstone Audio

    Star Mage Comic Website

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    The post Episode 83 – The Joel Hodgson Interview appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.

  • Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Episode 67 - Hot and Steamy in the TARDIS

    Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:23 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    Andy takes time out to talk about his recent trip to the Deep Breath premier in London. Did he like the episode? What’s the new Doctor like? Who’s so against Hanky Panky in the TARDIS? And are those new titles? And who knew they make that noise in real life? Unlike S5 questions will be answered.

  • Who Back When

    N008 Father's Day

    Who Back When

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:27 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    Rose rescues her dead dad; Jackie is immortal; and in the end we forget that our hero is a cheating, lying, lousy husband.

    The post N008 Father’s Day appeared first on Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast.

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Verity! Episode 48 - Designing Monsters

    Doctor Who: Verity!

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:30 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    Welcome to an aesthetically-oriented episode of Verity! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we take a look at monsters/aliens/villains from a design perspective. Which baddies look great? Which don't? Does a fleshed-out back story that dovetails with the design help or hinder? And of course, we save time for our most (and least!) favorites! It's a fascinating discussion that almost breaks Deb at one point--not every DW design choice was a wise one. Sometimes a cape in and of itself *is* the superhero.

    What do you think of monster design? Do you have favorites or ones you think work well? Poorly? Let us know in the comments!


    Also covered [links on our site]:

    • Lynne
      • has embarked upon a series 7 rewatch to prepare for the rapidly-approaching new series!
      • and looks forward to Peter Capaldi taking a firm hand with his character!
    • Kat is charmed by 16 seconds of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman interacting before heading to Sydney!
    • Erika
      • enjoys the "secret" trailer for "Deep Breath"--especially Clara's line at the end!
      • and almost forgets that what's really making her happy is hearing Maggie Thompson talk about Doctor Who fandom (and how it hasn't changed that much)!
    • Deb
      • has high hopes for a new east-coast Doctor Who convention: (Re)Generation Who!
      • and kindly refrains from stealing Erika's second happy thing!

    Bonus links [also on our site]:
    Doctor Who Monsters and Aliens (w/pictures!)
    Watsonian vs Doylist perspectives on fiction
    A bear walking upright

  • The Bad Wilf Podcast

    episode 117:Expendables 3/Starred up

    The Bad Wilf Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:16 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    In which Martyn and Gerrod bring you a review of The Expendables 3 and Starred up.

    The podcast can be accessed via different places, including Miro,Stiticher, Blubrry, Player fm and Itunes.

    Email: bad.wilf@yahoo.com

    Twitter: Martyn-@BadWilf


    The Show-@TheBWpodcast<

  • The Doctor Who Podcast

    The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #270 - Remembrance of the Daleks

    The Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    06:11 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    Join James, Leeson and Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast as they chat about wobbly daleks and a shouty Davros. Ian and Michele chime in with their review of Other Lives as they continue their onslaught through Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor, Charley and C’rizz stories. We’ll be back next week with our preview of […]

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

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    01:00 (GMT) - 13 Aug 2014

    13th AUGUST WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • Waffle On Podcast

    The Twilight Zone

    Waffle On Podcast

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    19:22 (GMT) - 12 Aug 2014

    Waffle On about The Twilight Zone
    Hello and welcome to this months edition of Waffle On in which Meds and Kell talk about The Twilight Zone. Focusing on the 1959 serial and an over view of the follow up series and film the lads play the various theme tunes and of course waffle on in every direction and dimension possible.
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  • Waffle On Podcast

    The Twilight Zone

    Waffle On Podcast

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    19:22 (GMT) - 12 Aug 2014

    Waffle On about The Twilight Zone
    Hello and welcome to this months edition of Waffle On in which Meds and Kell talk about The Twilight Zone. Focusing on the 1959 serial and an over view of the follow up series and film the lads play the various theme tunes and of course waffle on in every direction and dimension possible.
    The episode is also available at iTunes or Stitcher Radio.
    If you would like to help Waffle On without opening your wallet you can by clicking on the Amazon link below and use that to buy your goodies.
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