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    TDP 405: Deep Breath

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    13:13 (GMT) - 2 Sep 2014

    #doctorwho #tindogpodcast   from wiki   "Deep Breath" is the first episode of theeighth series of the British science fictiontelevision programme Doctor Who, first broadcast on BBC One and released in cinemas on 23 August 2014. It was written by showrunner and executive producer Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley. The episode stars Peter Capaldi in his first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor, alongsideJenna Coleman as his companion Clara Oswald.[3] It also features Neve McIntosh,Catrin Stewart, and Dan Starkey reprising their roles as Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax.[4] Capaldi's predecessor, Matt Smith, also appears in a cameo.   Contents   [hide]  1 Plot 1.1 Continuity 2 Production 2.1 Filming 2.2 Promotion 2.3 Cast notes 3 Broadcast and reception 3.1 Pre-broadcast leak 3.2 Television 3.3 Cinemas 3.4 Ratings 3.5 Critical reception 4 Home media 5 References 6 External links   Plot A dinosaur materialises in Victorian London and spits out the TARDIS onto the banks of the river Thames, from which emerges the freshly regenerated Twelfth Doctor—suffering from post-regenerative trauma—and Clara Oswald. They are greeted by the Paternoster Gang, comprised of Silurian Madame Vastra, her human maid and wife Jenny, and Sontaran butler Strax. The Gang instruct the police on how to calm and contain the dinosaur and take the Doctor and Clara to their residence, where the Doctor rests and Vastra confronts Clara about her prejudiced attitude to the Doctor's changed face. Clara admits that she is struggling to adapt to the new Doctor, due to his stark difference to the old one, particularly his apparent age. The Doctor awakens to hear the dinosaur's pleas for help before it spontaneously combusts. The Doctor joins Clara and the Paternoster Gang at the river and learns from Vastra that this is not the first incident of spontaneous combustion recently. The Doctor spots an unfazed man across the river and jumps in to investigate. Clara returns home with the others to start their own investigations, hoping they will cross the Doctor's path. The Doctor roams back streets for answers the next morning, questioning how his body chooses a new face during regeneration. Both Clara and the Doctor find a message reading "The Impossible Girl" in a newspaper, directing them to a restaurant where they reunite but learn that neither planted the message for the other, as they had both assumed. They realise that the room is filled with robots to prevent them leaving. They are descended into a lair where they see the man from the river surrounded by other idle, human-like robots. The Doctor surmises the man is a long-lived cyborg, but in the unusual sense that it is a robot trying to make himself human by replacing his parts with biological ones taken from the victims of spontaneous combustion, including the dinosaur. The Doctor leaves Clara as the robots and the cyborg begin to awaken after escaping himself. Recalling his earlier advice, Clara holds her breath to hide herself from the robots, but she is soon captured and taken to the cyborg. He states that he is trying to reach the "promised land" by prolonging his life via parts replacements and questions her on the Doctor's whereabouts. The Doctor returns with the Paternoster Gang to fight the robots with Clara whilst the Doctor chases the cyborg back to the restaurant. The cyborg releases a hot-air balloon made of human skin, lifting the restaurant into the sky with him and the Doctor inside. The Doctor interrogates the cyborg, who reveals that he and parts of the restaurant are from the SS Marie Antoinette, the sister ship to the SS Madame de Pompadour ("The Girl in the Fireplace"). The Doctor warns the cyborg that he will either have to kill himself, or he will kill him to protect the humans. Moments later, the cyborg falls from the balloon and is impaled on the spire of Big Ben. Clara and the Paternoster Gang see the other robots go lifeless after his death. After regrouping, Clara finds that the Doctor and the TARDIS have vanished. Vastra assures her that the Doctor will return, pointing out that Clara as the person that knows the Doctor the best is already prepared to leave. The Doctor reappears, planning to take Clara home, but instead arrives in Glasgow, where a phone call from the Eleventh Doctor to Clara moments before the regeneration from his perspective encourages her to stay. In the epilogue, the cyborg awakens in a beautiful garden, and meets Missy, a mysterious woman who claims the Doctor as her boyfriend. She tells him that he has reached the promised land at last. Continuity Towards the end of the story, the Doctor speculates on the identity of the person that wrote the Impossible Girl newspaper article; the Doctor postulates if this person was the same one that gave Clara the number for the TARDIS phone on the claim it was a computer help line as shown in "The Bells of Saint John".[5] The Doctor, while confused about his new look, recalls how it appears similar to another that he's seen. The Tenth Doctor met a man named Caecilius in "The Fires of Pompeii", played by Capaldi.[6] The call from the Eleventh Doctor to Clara is shown from the Eleventh Doctor's perspective from his final moments before regeneration on the planet Trenzalore, which reused some footage from "The Time of the Doctor" and included new footage with a surprise cameo by Matt Smith.[7] The closing dialogue between Clara and the Doctor about chips, and the Doctor's inability to pay for them, recalls a similar exchange between the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler at the conclusion of "The End of the World".[8] Production Filming Matt Smith's cameo as the Eleventh Doctor was filmed on 5 October 2013, the last day of shooting for "The Time of the Doctor".[9] Moffat had written Smith's scene prior to the rest of the episode.[10] The readthrough for the episode was held on 17 December 2013,[9] and shooting began at the Maltings in Cardiff on 7 January 2014.[11] Shooting later took place at Mount Stuart Square on the 13th,[12] Scenes were also filmed on Queen Street and on the 28th.[13] The shoot finished on 18 February 2014.[9] Promotion Steven Moffat has said that this episode would be a "big introduction" for Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. He said that there will be "plenty of action and nonsense and jeopardy, as there ever is in Doctor Who."[14] On 11 August 2014 a 30 second trailer for the episode was released on Twitter.[15][16] Cast notes Brian Miller, who plays the tramp Barney, was the husband of Elisabeth Sladen who portrayed long-time companion Sarah Jane Smith. He had previously appeared inSnakedance in Season 20, as well as playing Harry Sowersby in The Mad Woman in the Attic, an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and providing Dalek voices for bothResurrection of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks. Broadcast and reception Pre-broadcast leak On 6 July 2014, the scripts for the first five episodes of the series (including "Deep Breath") were inadvertently leaked online from BBC Worldwide's Latin America headquarters, prompting a plea from BBC Worldwide to keep the storylines of the five episodes secret.[17]Also leaked was a black-and-white rough cut of "Deep Breath", missing most of the visual effects but otherwise mostly complete.[18] The BBC blamed the leak on the fact that the files had been stored on a publicly accessible server in its new Miami-based headquarters.[19] Steven Moffat, speaking at the London Film and Comic Con, called the leak "horrible, miserable and upsetting".[20] Television The episode was a simulcast in the United Kingdom and many other countries on 23 August 2014, and was broadcast later that same day in other locations such as on BBC America. On 31 August 2014, the episode was broadcast on Prime TV in New Zealand.[3][21] Cinemas The episode had its world premiere in Cardiff on 7 August 2014 as part of the series 8 world tour.[22][23] As part of the tour, advance screenings were also held at other destinations on the tour.[24][25][26] As with "The Day of the Doctor", "Deep Breath" received a worldwide cinema release at participating cinemas on 23 August 2014.[27] The episode received a midnight screening in 12 cities across the United States on 23 August, and a larger showing in 550 cinemas on 25 August.[28][27] The cinema screenings of the episode were accompanied by a five minute prequel.[29] Ratings Upon airing in its 7.50pm timeslot, the "Deep Breath" simulcast entertained an average audience of 6.79 million in the United Kingdom. The episode reached a peak of 6.96 million viewers, watched by nearly a third of all viewers on the evening of broadcast with a 32.5% audience share.[30] The final ratings for the week, which include BBC iPlayer viewers and others who watched the programme within a week of its transmission, showed 9.17 million viewers, making it the second highest rated programme for the week on British television.[31] In the United States, the premiere airing on BBC America had an audience of 2.2 million viewers, the highest Saturday ratings for the network and just under the highest viewership from the "The Day of the Doctor" special, and a significant increase from the 1.5 million that had watched the Series 7 premiere in 2012.[32] In Australia, the episode had a total of 858,000 viewers on ABC: 148,000 watched a simulcast at 4:30am, and 710,000 watched a primetime replay at 7:40pm.[33] Critical reception The episode received positive reviews, with many critics praising Moffat's script, the introduction and stylisation of the new Doctor, and the performances of Capaldi and Coleman. The Guardian responded well to the episode, labelling Capaldi's performance as "intimidating, bold and unsettling", and praising Ben Wheatley's direction in the episode's tenser moments, calling it "the stuff of true terror and wonderment".[34] Matt Smith's cameo as the Eleventh Doctor was criticised by The Mirror. However, it ultimately labelled the episode "impeccable" and stating that Capaldi "has all the hallmarks of a great Doctor".[35] Brian Lowry of Variety praised Moffat's script, stating that it "emphasizes storyline continuity and easing faithful viewers into the regeneration transition" and closed his review by saying "It’s a skillful tonal balance that defines the best of “Doctor Who,” and exemplifies the ethos that keeps the series going strong, nodding to the past with all eyes on the future".[36]David Wiegand of San Francisco Chronicle heavily praised the episode, particularly Moffat's writing, saying that his script "masterfully manipulates audience expectation". He ultimately awarded the episode a perfect 4/4 stars.[37] However, not all reviews were positive. Forbes panned the story as "strangely recessive, unheroic, [and] dull" calling both Capaldi and Coleman's characters "insipid".[38] Home media "Deep Breath" will receive a standalone DVD and Blu-ray release in the United Kingdom on 8 September 2014,[39] the United States on 9 September,[40] and Australia on 10 September.[41] Thereafter, it will be released in the Complete Eighth Series DVD and Blu-ray boxset in the United Kingdom on 17 November 2014,[42] and Australia on 19 November.[43

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Episode #236

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:38 (GMT) - 2 Sep 2014

    Into The Dalek by Moffat and Ford

    Adam, Mary and Kirby review episode 2 of series 8.

  • Traveling the Vortex

    Episode 192 - Where's Gary?

    Traveling the Vortex

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    07:02 (GMT) - 2 Sep 2014

    In this week’s show we discuss the newest episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Into the Dalek. Hear our impressions on the latest installment to our favorite program.

    Also, a look at some news of the week, including an Emmy award for another project by Doctor Who show runner, Steven Moffat.

    Oh, and listen closely for some clues to the title of this week’s podcast.

    And, of course, your feedback.


  • The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast

    Episode 44: Dancing the Code

    The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast

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    03:16 (GMT) - 2 Sep 2014

    This month we discuss a book by prolific Doctor Who author Paul Leonard, Dancing the Code.  From the back cover:

    ‘The Brigadier’s going to shoot you, Jo,’ the Doctor said grimly, ‘and then he’s going to shoot me.  Both of us are going to die.’

    The Doctor builds a machine designed to predict the future.  It shows the Brigadier murdering him and Jo in cold blood.  Unable to tell where or when this event is destined to occur, the Doctor and Jo decide that they must stay apart.

    Jo is sent on a top-secret mission to the war-torn Arab nation of Kebiria.  But upon arrival, she is immediately arrested and consigned to a brutal political prison.  The Kebirians have something to hide: deep in the North African desert, an alien infestation is rapidly growing.  And the Doctor and UNIT soon discover that unless stopped, the alien presence will spread to overrun the entire world.

    You may know Paul Leonard from such books as Venusian Lullaby, Speed of Flight, and the Bernice Summerfield Virgin novel Dry Pilgrimage (co-authored with The Fall of Yquatine author Nick Walters).  After 44 episodes, it was inevitable that we covered a book written by Leonard, since he has penned so many.

    So, pull up a cup of honey wine, and relax, as we discuss Paul Leonard’s Dancing the Code.

    Look for us on Facebook, email us at dwbcpodcast@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter via @dwbcpodcast.  You can also follow Erik via @sjcaustenite and Sean via @tardistavern.

  • Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Episode 69 - Just how into the Dalek are we?

    Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    23:55 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014

    Bunny Galore picks a suitably risque episode number to join the podcast team. This week the patter non stop gang talk about Into the Dalek, Danny Pink, Peter Capaldi, Clara, sound mixes, Mark Gatiss, Stephen Moffat, and much, much more. (Everything except the kitchen sink and missing episodes). Just what do they think of this strange new Doctor with the attack eyebrows?

  • Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast #70 - INTO "Into The Dalek"

    Mutter's Spiral Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    22:38 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014

    MUTTER'S SPIRAL Podcast is back to dive into "Into The Dalek", the 2nd episode of Series 8/The Capaldi Era.  John & Will embark on a Fantastic Voyage (sorrynotsorry) into "2nd Episode Syndrome", the teaching of Marcus Aurelius, the introduction of Danny Pink (and the "Coupling" episode that ensued) and just why this episode worked (John) or did NOT work (Will) for each of us.  Plus, TRIVIA!  Please listen!!

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Into the Dalek

    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:12 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014

    We are taking a step into the unknown and pondering the question: How do you get into a Dalek’s head? “Into the Dalek” is our second adventure with the 12th Doctor and it doesn’t pull any punches. From his completely … Continue reading →

  • The Cultdom Collective

    Commentary: Doctor Who - Into The Dalek

    The Cultdom Collective

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:40 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014

    Dave and Ian have been called out by Perryg to do the ALS Icebucket Challenge and enlist Mike to be the bucketeer :) Dave and Ian will be donating to ALS and to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund, check out the fun before this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Into The Dalek.

  • Voice of Gallifrey (Russian)

    Voice of Gallifrey (Russian)

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:53 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014

    So much impressions, so much about Twelfth Doctor and Danny Pink. Can’t say something really bad about the episode again. But there is definately a lot of stuff we can discuss. :)

    00:00 – Impressions and episode info
    10:00 – Thoughts about Doctor 12
    17:00 – Visuals
    21:00 – Characters
    24:16 -- Danny
    27:34 -- Clara
    31:05 -- Journey
    34:20 -- Missy


    Download (38 MB)


    Voice of Gallifrey in Vk.com

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 1 Sep 2014


  • The Doctor Who Podcast

    The Doctor Who Podcast Episode #273 - Review of Into The Dalek

    The Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    20:11 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Stand by for a review of Episode 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, Into the Dalek! This week, Michele, Tom, James and Trevor discuss the merits of the journeying to the centre of a Dalek. And never mind The Doctor – is our pal Rusty a good Dalek?!

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free Skaro #437 - Death to the Daleks

    Radio Free Skaro

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:00 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    The first proper P-Cap story, where he’s out of bed and sassing off to soldiers, Daleks and everyone in between, has arrived on our TV screens, tablets, laptops and eyeballs. You’d think after years of Dalek stories the well would be dry, but in fact….well, you’ll just have to listen to the Three Who Rule’s take on “Into the Dalek” to find out. Do they enjoy Capaldi’s surly and cerebral take on the Doctor? Is there such a thing as a “good” Dalek? Most importantly, is Missy the Master? The Rani? Romana? Dodo? No, because that would be stupid. As a bonus, listen to Steven and Chris thrill (and Warren cringe) with a surfeit of stats from last week’s airing of Deep Breath. Stats, you say? Yes. Yes we do.


    Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • The Sonic Toolbox

    Episode 148: Voyage Into the Dalek

    The Sonic Toolbox

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:00 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Could a Dalek be good?  Is the Doctor a good man?  Will Clara ever get her coffee?  And just how many Gally ribbons can you get out of one Doctor Who episode?  The answers to all these questions, and more, as we review "Into The Dalek"!


  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #281 - About reluctant little girls

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:53 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Heute liefert der Cast zwei Dinge nach, die er Euch schon seit langem schuldig geblieben ist. Zum einen werfen wir einen kurzen Blick auf den Verbleib des TROCK-Projektes Chameleon Circuit und zum anderen reichen wir endlich unser Review zu "Nightmare in Silver" nach, welches noch ausstand. Erstaunlicherweise haben beide Themen einen gemeinsamen Nenner: Junge Madels, die eigentlich gar nicht so wirklich Bock haben, aber trotzdem mitmachen ;)

  • The Infinity Archives

    Doctor Who- The Infinity Archives S02E01- Into the Haggis

    The Infinity Archives

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:59 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Will and Gareth return to Discuss the new series of Doctor Who with an interuption with Gabby in Gabby's Review. E-mail- theinfinityarchives@outlook twitter- @GarethLloyd5 @ImperialDalek9 @DWInfinitypod Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/groups/theinfinityarchivespodcast/ Youtube-

  • Smaller on the Outside  >>  podcast

    Smaller on the Outside | S05E02: Into the Dalek

    Smaller on the Outside >> podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:24 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    It’s Daleks again on Doctor Who! Dave and Andy discuss the second episode of the eighth series, where the Doctor and Clara must be shrunken down to explore the inner depths of a dalek that appears to be…good?

    Episode 02: “Into the Dalek” [download]


    00:00:00 – Intro
    00:01:25 – Announcements
    00:19:01 – Thoughts on ‘Into the Dalek’
    00:37:30 – Outro


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    Email: sotopodcast@gmail.com

    Doctor Who Gallery

  • The Cultdom Collective

    EPISODE269 - Doctor Who 'Into the Dalek' Review

    The Cultdom Collective

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:19 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

  • Who Back When

    N009 The Empty Child

    Who Back When

    Direct Podcast Download

    10:01 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    A creepy child telekinetically controls toy monkeys and makes gas masks grow out of people's faces, and we meet Captain Jack for the first time!

    The post N009 The Empty Child appeared first on Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast.

  • The Impossible Girls

    Episode #16: 500 Days of Danny Salmon

    The Impossible Girls

    Direct Podcast Download

    06:55 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Journey into the Dalek with us as we discuss episode two of series seven! With the introduction of Danny Pink, a reference to the Guardian of the Nethersphere, and the age-old question of whether Daleks and Time Lords are innately bad or good, there's plenty to talk about this week.

  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Podcast #192: The Capaldi Cometh

    Staggering Stories Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:05 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014


    Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith, Jean Riddler, and the Real Keith Dunn discuss the 2014 Doctor Who story ‘Deep Breath’, find some general news and very little else, specifically:

    • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
    • 01:22 — Welcome!
    • 02:01 – News:
    • 02:12 — Doctor Who: Extra behind the scenes .
    • 03:48 — The Woman in Black: Film sequel coming.
    • 05:38 — Doctor Who Legacy: New S8 content each week.
    • 06:58 — Benedict Cumberbatch: To voice Khan.
    • 08:06 — Doctor Who: Clara to leave TARDIS?
    • 09:55 — Doctor Who: Porn film.
    • 10:47 — Richard Attenborough: DEAD!
    • 12:33 – Doctor Who: Deep Breath.
    • 60:58 – Emails and listener feedback.* Hit us yourself at// <![CDATA[ getaddress("show"); // ]]>
    • 69:49 – Farewell for this podcast!
    • 70:27 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • Staggering Stories: Podcast Drinking Game, Fifth edition.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • Wikipedia: The Woman in Black – Angel of Death.
    • Wikipedia: Benedict Cumberbatch.
    • Wikipedia: The Jungle Book.
    • Wikipedia: Jenna Coleman.
    • Wikipedia: Richard Attenborough.
    • BBC: Doctor Who – Deep Breath.
    • Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.
    • Stitcher: Smartphone podcast streaming app.
    • Facebook: Staggering Stories Group.
    • Google+: Staggering Stories Page.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    31st August Daily WHOSTROLOGY

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    31st August Daily WHOSTROLOGY

  • Two-minute Time Lord

    2MTL 354: "Into the Dalek" Reviewed

    Two-minute Time Lord

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:00 (GMT) - 31 Aug 2014

    Spoiler: The Daleks are back.

    Spoiler: The Twelfth Doctor is not especially warm and fuzzy.

    Spoiler: There's a lot of pew-pew-pew and boom-boom-boom.

    Spoiler: For the second week in a row, it's not the A-plot that has me so excited about Series 8.

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On: Episode 242(Doctor Who: Into The Dalek review)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:22 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    Another week, another episode of Dr Who I got to watch on a cinema screen. This time as part of this week's Whooverville 6 convention. Into The Dalek was an action packed cinematic blockbuster of an episode far more entertaining and rewarding than last week's.

    End Theme is Dr Who(2014) by Murray Gold

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/

    If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to tdrury2003@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/3711029536/in/set-72157621161239599/ in case you were wondering. 

  • DWO WhoCast

    DWO Whocast - #331 - Doctor Who Podcast

    DWO WhoCast

    Direct Podcast Download

    20:00 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    This week Seb and Paul speak about the second episode of series 8, Enter the Dalek. We have some great feedback and a wonderful trailer for Osiris.

    Also why not check out Paul's other Podcast The Crackpot Dad -- http://thecrackpotdad.com or follow on twitter: http://twitter.com/thecrackpotdad


    Also, check out Osiris: http://everybodyelse.co.uk/

  • The Untempered Schism Podcast

    Episode 97 : The Mind Robber

    The Untempered Schism Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:47 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    Reality and Fiction (or maybe Fiction and Fiction) collide as the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves stepping outside of the universe and into the Land of Fiction. A world populated with a number of fictional characters and one real writer, the TARDIS crew has to find a way out before they end up fictional themselves.

    Twitter: @schismpodcast
    Web: http://www.untemperedschism.org/

    Duration: 19:52

  • An Improbable Podcast

    The Wacko Show: Public Service Announcement #10

    An Improbable Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:34 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    ALL NEW WACKO: 7th of September! LINKS OF THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE: Our Facebook: "www.facebook.com/thewackoradioshow" Our Email Address: "feedback.aipodcast@gmail.com" Our Website: "animprobablepodcast.podomatic.com" Our Label's Website: "improbablewebsite.webs.com" Our Radio's Podcast Website: "thewackoshow.podomatic.com" Our Twitter: "https://twitter.com/wackoshowonair" Sandro's Twitter: "https://twitter.com/sandrojf707" Zach's Twitter: "https://twitter.com/ZackoCaveWizard"

  • New Who Podcast

    S07E15 - Deep Breath

    New Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:16 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    S07E15 - Deep Breath

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    30th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 30 Aug 2014

    30th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY #doctowho #tindogpodcast

  • The Happiness Patrol

    Episode 129: A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There

    The Happiness Patrol

    Direct Podcast Download

    23:59 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    For months people have been saying, "New Doctor Who? Don't hold your breath!" But now we're all heaving a collective sigh of relief because Mr. Capaldi is breathing new life into... You know what?  Let's leave off the metaphors and jump right in, it's a new season of Doctor Who and a new episode of The Happiness Patrol! The Happiness Patrol Episode 129: A Little Bit Here, A Little Bit There    

  • Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Episode 68 - Vastra owes us one!

    Outpost Skaro Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    22:54 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    Alan, Andy and Derek take a deep breath before diving into discussing a new Doctor, old faces, new credits, the mysterious Missy and of course controversy!

  • The Rather Awful Doctor Who Episode Guide

    Series 8 News

    The Rather Awful Doctor Who Episode Guide

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:47 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    Hello! Just a quick podcast to let you know that we're covering the new series of Doctor Who in a weekly series of short videos on our YouTube channel, which you can find at http://www.youtube.com/skewedwho. It's like a podcast, but shorter and with pictures. Tell your friends!

  • The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

    91 - Blyton the Landscape

    The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:33 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    He's not a fan favourite, but I really enjoy the music of Carey Blyton.

    Follow on Twitter: @TMDWP

    Email the show: min_dw@yahoo.co.uk

    Please rate and leave a review on iTunes

    Available in YouTubeHD - http://youtu.be/MhjCgLyRlOI?hd=1

  • The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm Ep 119: MA #1 - Everything is Missing

    The Oncoming Storm

    Direct Podcast Download

    02:32 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    Alright folks. Everyone at Oncoming Storm HQ is swamped. There are huge upcoming cons, doctor's appointments, and new school years happening. But we don't want to leave you hanging. It's time for a missing (adventure) episode! Well okay. It COULD have been a missing episode. After all, only Josh and Ashley were able to make it this week. So in honor of the old school feel, it's time to look in on the first Missing Adventure, Goth Opera by Paul Cornell. It features the 5th Doctor, Teagan and Nyssa, and a lot of vampires! Join your hosts as we find out if this book can slot seamlessly into the Davison era, or if those radical NA writers are now trying to take over ALL the Doctors! The Oncoming Storm... This time, we've got a creepy vampire baby. Yeah, that one would have totally gotten by Mary Whitehouse there Paul.

  • The Cloister Room

    The Cloister Room 097 - Pushing the Robot out the Flesh Blimp

    The Cloister Room

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:23 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    Louis and Tom set their random wanderings aside--Doctor Who is back on television! Obviously, this episode is about Capaldi's first outing as the new Dr. Who.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    29th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 29 Aug 2014

    29th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • Two girls, a guy and a TARDIS....The Podcast - Nervous Dog Produ

    Episode 34....Take a deep breath

    Two girls, a guy and a TARDIS....The Podcast - Nervous Dog Produ

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:43 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    So here's our thoughts on Capaldi as The Doctor and our thoughts on the series premiere, Deep Breath.  Also, we would like to mention that if you don't have anything going on the next week or so and are in the Chicagoland area that you should check out our good friends Our Fair City at the Chicago Fringe Festival! 



    As always thanks for your support and thanks for listening!

    -Nicole, Joanna and John

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  • Kasterborous Podkast

    The PodKast Reviews Doctor Who: Deep Breath

    Kasterborous Podkast

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    Christian Cawley is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

    Welcome to this week’s podKast, which was recorded live on Sunday, 24th August and features an in-depth discussion on Doctor Who Series 8 opener Deep Breath and of course Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as the Doctor!

    As a live podKast, we were able to feature and comments from some of the Doctor Who fans who watched Christian Cawley, Brian A. Terranova and James McLean’s various musings on Hangouts or on YouTube.

    This, however, is the audio version, ideal for those of you who prefer to listen. The iTunes, Stitcher and Audioboo versions of the podKast are now available, and you can also click play below…

    Kasterborous PodKast Series 4 Episode 29 Shownotes


    The Invasion (1968), The Saint, CultCast: Ian Dickerson Talks The Saint Reboot, CultCast: John Guilor, Tim Follin talk Contradiction, 11 Doctors, 11 Stories.

    The Kasterborous PodKast theme tune is arranged by Russell Hugo.

    Listen to the PodKast

    There are several ways to listen. In addition to the usual player above, we're pleased to announce that you can also stream the podKast using Stitcher, an award-winning, free mobile app available for Android and iPhone/iPad. This pretty much means that you can listen to us anywhere without downloading - pretty neat, we think you'll agree! (Note that it can take a few hours after a new podKast is published to "catch up".)

    What’s more, you can now listen and subscribe to the podKast via our Audioboo channel! Head to http://audioboo.fm/channel/doctorwhopodkast and click play to start listening. You can also comment and record your own boos in response to our discussions! Meanwhile you can use the player below to listen through Audioboo:

    You haven't clicked play yet?! What are you waiting for? As well as our new Stitcher and Audioboo presence you can also use one of these amazingly convenient ways to download and enjoy this week's podKast.

    1. Use the player in the top right of the Kasterborous home page, or visit the podKast menu link.
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    3. You can also take advantage of the RSS feed to subscribe to the podKast for your media player, and even find us on iTunes, where your reviews will help the show considerably.

    The post The PodKast Reviews Doctor Who: Deep Breath appeared first on Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews.

  • Dr Who Livecast

    Dr Who Livecast - Episode 34: Greeks Bearing Gifts

    Dr Who Livecast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:50 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    -Just another day in the lift of TorchWood -Someone dies -Someone Cries - Someone gets dumped

  • The Memory Cheats

    The Memory Cheats #129

    The Memory Cheats

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    Episode #129 of Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats! And the story we will be discussing today is...



    Visit our website at http://www.thememorycheats.libsyn.com


    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thememorycheats


    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorWhoTheMemoryCheats

  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 242: Deep Breath

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    This week we cover Doctor Who story #242, 2014's "Deep Breath", which sees a newly-regenerated twelfth Doctor portrayed by Peter Capaldi struggling to remember his friends and his past while trying to persuade companion Clara that he is still the Doctor!  We're joinded by special guest co-host Toby from The Comic Conspiracy Podcast!

    QotW: What real-life Doctor Who decor or paraphernalia would you put in a Doctor Who themed restaurant?

    Listener Mailbag

    Discussion of "Deep Breath" (Charlie 7, Trevor 7.5, David 7, Toby 5)

    Connor's Corner

    Discussion of Big Finish audio adventure "The Perpetual Bond" (Charlie 5, Trevor 6.75, David 6.5)

    Doctor Who Events: The Wanderers' Take on the Deep Breath Fathom Event


    • Trevor
      • Twitter: @WhovianTrev
      • Tumblr: http://trevsplace.tumblr.com/
    • Charlie
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      • Comic Conspiracy Podcast
    • David
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    • Toby
      • Twitter: @tobyxi

    Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #243, Into The Dalek.  We invite you to follow along by watching the episode before the podcast; please acquire a copy in the manner appropriate for your place and time.

  • Podshock

    307 - Doctor Who: Podshock


    Direct Podcast Download

    11:58 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 307
    Running time: 1:55:06

    We review live on-the-net the Doctor Who story, 'Deep Breath' starring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, plus news, your live feedback, and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani, and Dave Cooper.

    Presented to you by the Gallifreyan Embassy and is a production of Art Trap Productions.

    This podcast is made possible in part by and is brought to you by Podshock Supporting Subscribers and from donations from listeners like you.

    Get the DWP Podcast Companion App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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    Do you want the Enhanced Podcast AAC file format? Get our Enhanced Podcast version of this episode using our feed at http://www.gallifreyanembassy.org/podshock/podshock.xml.

  • Arrow of Time

    091 - The Pander Express

    Arrow of Time

    Direct Podcast Download

    07:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    Alright everyone, strap on your nightgown and brush up on your Scottish because the Doctor is back! Finally! As you’ll find, we are all excited to see what this new Doctor is made of, literally if the villains in “Deep Breath” have anything to say about it!

    Today’s WhoTube is by K9HumpsMyLeg, where they compress the entire 80 minute episode into about 4 minutes in their video “Doctor Who – Deep Breath – Just Keep Breathing”: http://youtu.be/06qUR13lgrM

    And in case you didn’t see the video that a little more than inspired the new title sequence, here it is… http://youtu.be/oXOBHnWiinY

  • Playing Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Ep-30: Spider Babies

    Playing Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    Finally, the remaining episode from the Mike Federali sessions! He joins us to discuss Series 3′s Christmas episode, “The Runaway Bride,” where we meet Donna Noble on her wedding day. Her husband-to-be, Nerdy Black Renfield, has made a deal with a giant campy spider-empress to help bring her children forth from the center of the Earth.

    Arachnophobes beware, if the Doctor can’t save the day, the entire planet will soon be overrun by a horde of Spider Babies!


  • Tin Dog Podcast

    28th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:00 (GMT) - 28 Aug 2014

    28th August Daily WHOSTROLOGY - #doctorwho #tindogpodcast

  • Hoo on Who

    Episode 83 - The Curse of Peladon

    Hoo on Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:57 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    David and Marty are off to the planet Peladon to look in on some mysterious curse.  But first, after a very LONG wait, the High Speed Review of New Who is back with a quick discussion of Deep Breath and all things Peter Capaldi!  The guys cover DVD Extras (okay Marty does because David didn’t watch them) and read listener feedback email from new listeners, returning listeners and MARK NUTTALL!!

  • Who's He?

    Who's He? Podcast #171 Leave but don't leave me

    Who's He?

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:30 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    After months of anticipation the wait is finally over, Doctor Who is back!!  Yes this week Phil and Paul review Peter Capaldi's first episode Deep Breath by Steven Moffat. But was this worth the wait?  Well, Phil and Paul flip flop all over the place during their discussion over what appears to be a divisive story with each of them taking turns wearing the grumpy hat.  But you will hear such topics as convincing fans of a new Doctor through the companion and past Doctors, dead end plot devices and Pauls experience with Smell-O-Vision at the cinema.

    And in the news, rumours fo Jenna Coleman leaving the show at Christmas, Ordnance Survey listing locations of Police Boxes and after all this time it's the return of the dreaded stats!!

  • Geek Syndicate

    The Next Level - Episode 66

    Geek Syndicate

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:36 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    Welcome once more to The Next Level. In episode 66, Amaechi and Ant round up some of the news that emerged from this year's Cologne based GenCom convention, including Microsoft and Sony's press conferences. The guys also look at the sheer scale of forthcoming game, No Man's Sky.

    Amaechi then digs into a couple of Playstation Network games he's been getting into and Ant follows up with a first impression of the Wii U system including ZombiU and Mario Kart 8.

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Verity! Episode 49 - Into the Deep Breath

    Doctor Who: Verity!

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:30 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    It's finally here! New episodes of Doctor Who are rolling out at long last. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we try to remember how to talk about new episodes of our favorite show. Who am I kidding, we not only talk about it, we talk about it a LOT. But hey, what did you expect? New series! New Doctor! We just couldn't help ourselves! And surprise! We don't agree! Who loves Clara's reaction to the Doctor's regeneration? Who doesn't? Listen and see!

    And let us know what you think about the new Doctor and his introductory story! We're curious to see if our listeners are as divided as we are!


    Also covered [links on our site]:

    • Tansy
      • travels to WorldCon and saw Liz in person!
      • and really really loves her new 8th Doctor t-shirt from redscharlach!
    • Erika enjoys watching Peter Davison host The Ultimate Time Lord!
    • Kat moonlights with another fandom and attends her first Supernatural convention!
    • Deb
      • experiences Deep Breath in the theater!
      • and is thrilled to see Valentina Visintin (prosthetic technician) on the Doctor Who Extra for Deep Breath!

    Bonus links [also on our site]:
    Our brand-spanking new Patreon page!
    Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch by Red Scharlach
    Doctor Who Cast & Crew - "500 Miles"

  • Geeklectic

    Ep 19 - Deep Breath (Series 8.1, Story 242)


    Direct Podcast Download

    03:19 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    We discuss the premiere episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who, "Deep Breath". We tackle the debut of Capaldi, the regeneration of Clara, the murder of a droid and the dependable annoyance of Emmy Award Winning Writer, Steven Moffat. Then, we check with Matt Smith to make sure our thoughts were valid.

  • Playing Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Spoilers! - Series 8 Premiere

    Playing Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    02:52 (GMT) - 27 Aug 2014

    A future version of Ben (with a cool British accent) joins the show today to discuss the Series 8 Premier in which we are introduced to Peter Capaldi and his Very Angry Eyebrows. On Playing Doctor Podcast, we adjust to regeneration much more quickly than Cabbagehead Clara.

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