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  • Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep63- My Doctor Season: Tennant tales & Loki look-a-likey

    Gallifrey Stands

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    14:45 (GMT) - 1 Jul 2015

    Guest Companion Rosemary Valentine tells us all about her cosplay work as the 10th Doctor as well as many other male & female SciFi icons, how she as a trans-fluid coplayer achieves each character, being on the red carpet at the Avengers premier dressed as Loki, meeting the stars and so much more.

    Also this week we launch our new segment, Whovian Roundup, with Lewis from www.indieMacUser.co.uk

    Gallifrey Stands is sponsored by http://www.DottiesCharms.co.uk. Check out the Doctor Who range today.

    Gallifrey Stands can be found at on twitter @DoctorSquee, by email GallifreyStandsPodcast@gmail.com, on stitcher, iTunes & http://gallifreystandspodcast.podbean.com & on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481026762176392/

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  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Extra! - Ask (Two) Verities!

    Doctor Who: Verity!

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    11:30 (GMT) - 1 Jul 2015

    Welcome to a one-of-a-kind episode of Verity! Join Erika and Liz as we try to figure out a way to salvage a recording session gone horribly wrong. (Well, if you consider having only two Verities horribly wrong. As it turned out, it worked pretty well if we do say so ourselves.) Liz had the bright idea to take questions from the listeners--practically in real time! So that's exactly what we did.

    Huge thanks to the listeners who tweeted us questions and made this whole thing possible! If you have questions you'd like to hear us answer in the future, please leave them in the comments!


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  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 481: Big Finish Main Range 200 - Secret History

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    03:00 (GMT) - 1 Jul 2015

    @bigfinish #doctorwho #tindogpodcast Synopsis The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 - besieged by the army of the celebrated Byzantine general Belisarius. Caught up in the fighting, Steven ends up on a boat bound for Constantinople, the heart of the Roman Empire. Rescuing Steven, however, is the least of the Doctor's problems - because he shouldn't be mixed up in this particular adventure at all. Someone has sabotaged his own personal timeline, putting him in the place of his First incarnation... but who, and why? The truth is about to be revealed - but at what cost to all of the Doctors, and to the whole future history of the planet Earth? Written By: Eddie RobsonDirected By: Barnaby Edwards Cast Peter Davison (The Doctor), Maureen O'Brien (Vicki), Peter Purves (Steven),Lysette Anthony (Sophia), Sarah Woodward (Theodora), Tony Millan (Procopius, Yazid), Giles Watling (Belisarius), Tim Wallers (Justinian)

  • Geek Syndicate

    GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Series 9, ep 7: Espionage Conclusions!

    Geek Syndicate

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    21:45 (GMT) - 30 Jun 2015

    After our month off, Agents M and K are back to wrap up Series 9, go through the Dissecting Worlds mailbag and look back on anything else we missed. As we finally leave Espionage out in the cold, we cover:

    • Christopher Lee, one of DW's favorite actors

    • Feedback - More Bond, Star Trek: Vanguard, Neal Asher's Polity and more.

    • Good SF Spies vs Bad Fantasy Spies, and the "Turncoat" archetype

    • Authors later works do they affect what you think of earlier ones?

    • The official unveiling of Series 10, including its broad running order. Recommendations Welcome!

    Warning: There is some audio chop on this episode we couldn't get rid of. We've made the decision to leave it in, as there was already some feedback we couldn't cover and it seemed a shame to drop us talking about your contributions. So apologies, and we hope you understand.

    Feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk on email, the Facebook Group or below !

  • Zeus Pod

    ZEUS POD - With Extra Seasoning #6: Season 6 vs New Series 7

    Zeus Pod

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    20:22 (GMT) - 30 Jun 2015

    Welcome to Zeus Pod: With Extra Seasoning Episode 6 In each episode, two random seasons of Doctor Who are thrown into the arena, to be prodded & picked over by our panel of experts. No sides, no defence or prosecution - just the thoughts of three people, however wrong they may be. One thing that is for sure - one season will not leave alive. This month - Pat Vs Matt with Season 6 vs New Series 7. Joining Jono Park are David Ronayne & Peter Adamson.

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Pop Culture Honors the Doctor

    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

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    19:12 (GMT) - 30 Jun 2015

    When you love something dearly, you want to surround yourself by it. You immerse yourself in it. You find ways to involve it in aspects of your life where it may otherwise not have a place. If you happen to … Continue reading →

  • Traveling the Vortex

    Episode 235 - It's All Greek to Me!

    Traveling the Vortex

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    05:03 (GMT) - 30 Jun 2015

    In this week’s show, we return to our reviews of Big Finish Production’s Eighth Doctor Adventures. First up, as we near the end of season one, we review Phobos. Then Lucy and the Doctor are taken for a loop, in No More Lies. We’ll give our impressions on these two stories.

    Also, we look at some exiting news from Big Finish with the announcement of New Series characters in their own audio adventures.

    Plus, some finality for the fate of the classic story, The Underwater Menace on DVD (for now).

    And, of course, your feedback.


  • Stories From The Vortex: A Doctor Who Audio Adventures Podcast

    Episode 35: The Doctor And Elizabeth Klein Part Two

    Stories From The Vortex: A Doctor Who Audio Adventures Podcast

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    01:52 (GMT) - 30 Jun 2015

    In the conclusion of our two part look at the stories that introduced one of the most unique companions to ever travel with the Doctor: time traveling Nazi scientist Elizabeth Klein (played by Tracey Childs). In looking at the seventh Doctor audios Survival Of The Fittest (which also features the single episode Klein's Story) and The Architects Of History, Matthew Kresal, Mary Lang and Robert Haynes look at the chemistry between the Doctor and Klein, the fleshing out of Klein's backstory, alien races on audio. the time altering shenanigans in the finale story and more.

    Note: Part of the delay in the episode's release has been due to a series of unexpected technical issues that were not noticed during the original recording. Attempts have been made to fix these issues in the editing stage. We apologize for the inconvenience. Also, this episode does contain spoilers for the stories being reviewed. We advise listening to the stories before listening to the episode. You have been warned...

    You can find the podcast via our website storiesfromthevortex.blogspot.com or on iTunes. If you'd like to send in feedback to the podcast you can do so at feedback.vortex@yahoo.com and you can join the podcasts's Facebook group. We're a proud member of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

    Stories From The Vortex is an unofficial and unlicensed Doctor Who podcast and is not affiliated to the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), AudioGo or Big Finish Productions in any way. Doctor Who is a registered trademark of the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.

  • The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

    episode #269

    The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast

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    21:39 (GMT) - 29 Jun 2015

    Galaxy 4

    Adam is joined by Kirby, Mary and Jason to review this partial reconstruction from the William Hartnell era as we continue 'The Journey' through the history of televised Doctor Who. We also have feedback, new and You Won't Get This One. Then we are joined by Debbie from the sick Cassa Melrose for a health update on her clan.

  • Doctor Who - The High Council

    Doctor Who - The High Council Episode 4

    Doctor Who - The High Council

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    14:00 (GMT) - 29 Jun 2015

    Whatever awaits The Doctor after returning from the matrix is the subject of this foray into Episode 4 of Deadly Assassin with Josh, Erik, Kyle and Warren. Did Warren whip Josh with the Sash of Rassilon? Could Peter Lorre have played The Master? All these questions and more giggling and screaming like school girls await you when you listen.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 480: Big Finish Main Range 199 - Last of the Cybermen

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    03:00 (GMT) - 29 Jun 2015

    @bigfinish @SawbonesHex #Doctorwho #tindogpodcast Synopsis It's been ten years since the final assault on Telos, the last act of the Great Cyber War. Thanks to the Glittergun, humanity prevailed - and the half-machine Cybermen were utterly obliterated. Out on the furthest fringes of the galaxy, however, they left their mark - in the form of a giant Cyber-head, hundreds of feet high. A monument? A memorial? A tomb? The Doctor, the Cybermen's most indefatigable adversary, sets out to investigate... but he fails to return to his TARDIS. Leaving the Ship, his two companions - brave Highlander Jamie MacCrimmon, and super-intelligent Zoe Heriot - find a stranger in the Doctor's place. A stranger in a coat of many colours, who insists that he's the Doctor - transposed in time and space with one of his former selves...But why here? Why now? Has the universe really seen the last of the Cybermen..? Written By: Alan BarnesDirected By: Ken Bentley Cast Colin Baker (The Doctor), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Lucy Liemann (Zennox), Kieran Hodgson (Findel), Nicholas Farrell (Captain Frank),Nicholas Briggs (Cybermen)

  • Waffle On Podcast

    The Office (UK Version)

    Waffle On Podcast

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    19:43 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    Waffle On about The Office (UK Version)
    Hello and welcome to this months episode of Waffle On in which Meds and Kell talk about the 2001 British comedy series The Office. This is the show that launched the careers of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Martin Freeman and Mckenzie Crook. Remember we have a Facebook page, just search for Waffle On Podcast in the search bar and we will happily add you to the family. See you next month.

  • Who's He?

    Who's He? Podcast #208 You want more and you want it fast

    Who's He?

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    18:28 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    What have the Romans ever done for us? According to Boudica not much as Phil and Paul review the 4th Doctor Big Finish story The Wrath of The Iceni. In this story of ancient Britain and the rebellion against the empire (the Roman one that is), Phil and Paul have a little disagreement of their own as both have opposing views on this story and on the Doctor! So sit back and listen to two old gits who most likely had first hand experience of the Roman occupation.

    And in the news, Steven Moffat gets an OBE, a series 9 teaser trailer, San Diego Comic Con tat that didn't make it into Omega's Tat Corner and John Nathan Turner gets his own bus.

    And Phil now refers to you all as fans, not listeners as his ego runs rampant.

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free Skaro #482 - Once Upon A Time In America

    Radio Free Skaro

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    18:00 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    In a move sure to shake the very foundations of audio drama, Big Finish is introducing new series Doctor Who characters into the BF-i-verse, and River Song will be the tip of the proverbial spear in this assault of awesomeness. That was but one (but probably the coolest) bit of news this week, including San Diego Comic Con ruminations, Chicago TARDIS news and various other informational nuggets. But our interview this week is with Chicago TARDIS and Gallifrey Base impresario and overall fine fellow Steven Hill, who discusses his Red, White and Who book project chronicling the adventures of the good Doctor in the United States of America. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! And so forth.

    Check out the show notes at htp://www.radiofreeskaro.com

  • The Sonic Toolbox

    Episode 180: The Caves of the Androzani Rabbits

    The Sonic Toolbox

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    16:00 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    So there we were, getting ready to do the review for The Caves of Androzani when all these rabbits started to bound into the Toolbox during the news. They were all over the place! But there is really a review here, and Gally news, and a memorial for Christopher Lee (nothing to do with DW, but it's Christopher Lee for pete's sake!), and some other stuff that actually relates to the show.

    WARNING: Contains rabbit chasing and herding.

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Episode 75: The Dalek Syndrome

    Trust Your Doctor

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    15:57 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    Syndrome was a pretty good villain. Oh wait we’re talking Daleks.

    This week Kiyan and Dylan begin the end of the beginning eras of Doctor Who. If that makes sense. Well basically they’re coming to the end of the Third Doctor’s era, and it’s pretty clearly running down. Terrance Dicks, Barry Letts, and Jon Pertwee have all decided by this time to leave the show at the end of the season. The serial that has apparently so blatantly signposted this end of an era is Death to the Daleks, written by Terry Nation and aired in February and March of 1974.

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Delia Derbyshire.

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  • The Cultdom Collective

    EPISODE288 - News Round-up & Sad Losses

    The Cultdom Collective

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    10:35 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    On our monthly meeting for June 2015 we have a general news round-up and a number of sad losses to report & acknowledge including actors Christopher Lee, Ron Moody, Patrick McNee, Dick Van Pattern & Film Composer James Horner

  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Commentary #149: Doctor Who - The Doctor's Daughter

    Staggering Stories Podcast

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    08:23 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015


    Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins, Keith Dunn and Scott Fuller sit down, copied, in front of the 2008 Doctor Who episode, The Doctor’s Daughter, and spout our usual nonsense!

    The Doctor is feeling violated, Jenny’s surprisingly supple, the Hath have fish tanks attached to their faces and Martha’s just along for the ride. But enough of their problems, please sit down with us to enjoy The Doctor’s Daughter...

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • BBC: Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter.
    • Wikipedia: Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter.
    • Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.
    • Facebook: Staggering Stories Group.

  • Who Wars - A Star Wars  &  Doctor Who Podcast

    The Who Wars Podcast #035 (28th June, 2015)

    Who Wars - A Star Wars & Doctor Who Podcast

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    07:00 (GMT) - 28 Jun 2015

    00:00 The Who Wars Podcast Theme
    00:48 The Front Page; Rob @WhoWars kicks off this episode with discussion of his week; John Hurt's pancreatic cancer diagnosis; dropping a special episode on Saturday 27th June for @AMAudioMedia including an interview with their Doctor, Andrew Chalmers; and a brief overview of the episode ahead.
    05:42 FEATURE - CONVENTION - Rob @WhoWars gives Andy @skaromedia a midnight call to discuss Hull Comic Con and his role in the event, as well as a sneak insight into what might appear in Episode 36 based on the event.
    20:27 FEATURE - REBELS ROUND-UP - Alan @Jedizaugg and Jon @jonathanbw discuss the return of Star Wars: Rebels in The Siege of Lothal.
    56:50 FEATURE - CLONE WARS - Rob @WhoWars continues to watch the Clone Wars TV series in chronological order. Here, he watches 3.1 Clone Cadets and 3.3 Supply Lines. Seen them? Tell us what you thought: hello@whowars.net
    1:10:14 INTERVIEW - ARTIST - Kate @Kamiduu talks to Eisner nominated artist, Sara Richard @SaraRichard who has produced both Star Wars and Doctor Who fan art, while currently working professionally on covers for Jem and the Holograms and My Little Pony. She's also the artist of the DC Justice League Tarot Card Set. Be sure to check out her art, and more at the URL below:
    1:32:25 FEATURE - DOCTOR WHO/STAR WARS - Lex @Lexerness asks the Who Wars team how they would put together a Doctor Who and Star Wars crossover story. Rob @WhoWars has a try with the 9th Doctor; Kate @Kamiduu and Andy @Skaromedia tackle the 10th Doctor and Lex puts together a magnum opus for the 11th Doctor. How would you do it? Tell us at hello@whowars.net
    2:00:20 - The Back Page; closing remarks from Rob @WhoWars, followed by a discussion of his strange and patchy relationship with Doctor Who novels in the past. From the Target novels of the 1970s - 1990s; to the Virgin New Adventures (NAs) and Missing Adventures (MAs) of the 1990s; to the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures (EDAs) and Past Doctor Adventures (PDAs) of the 1990s - 2000s; to the current series of New Series Adventures (NSAs), he talks about them all, his feelings towards them, and whether he read them at the time. He's about to embark on reading the 12th Doctor NSAs.
    2:18:00 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).

  • Who Wars - A Star Wars  &  Doctor Who Podcast

    Who Wars: Doctor Who - Dark Journey Special

    Who Wars - A Star Wars & Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:30 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015

    00:00 - The Who Wars Network Ident
    00:07 - Introduction to this episode from Doctor Who: Dark Journey's leading man, Andrew Chalmers and series producer, MA Tamburro @AMAudioMedia
    00:23 - Doctor Who: Dark Journey "The Age of Banishment". This is Episode 3 of Series 2 of Dark Journey, making its debut exclusively today here on Who Wars.
    Would you like to hear more Dark Journey? Need to catch up? Visit amaudiomedia.com/episodes
    14:22 - Rob @WhoWars reflects on conducting a near two-hour interview, before hitting play on it.
    16:35 - Rob @WhoWars speaks to Andrew Chalmers, the Doctor in Doctor Who: Dark Journey.
    Topics covered include Star Wars and Doctor Who (naturally!) as well as some interesting diversions on making fan audio and more.
    1:53:47 - Afterword from Rob @WhoWars about this special episode.
    1:57:06 - The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show).
    1:57:47 - One final anecdote from Andrew Chalmers. You know you want it!

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 161: A Horror Movies Sidebar

    The Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:59 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 161: A Horror Movies Sidebar Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Diddly Dum Podcast

    DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 036 - The Human Palindrome

    Diddly Dum Podcast

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    15:04 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015

    The Four Faces of Delusion become five as we complete our set of Blue Box Podcasters by welcoming Mark Cockram to the Diddly Dum Whoseum.

    Mark has brought along a number of items which are redolent for him of a life with the Doctor. From Jon Pertwee’s “Who is the Doctor” single to the Graham Williams era via Loose Cannon reconstructions. As for the man who stopped Tom Baker on Oxford Street and told him about his childhood in a care home, Mark’s own tale of his primary school Tom Baker trauma knocks that into a cocked hat.

    Along the way, we toast absent friends in the finest vintage of Dandelion & Burdock while extrapolating the succession of Doctors we might have had if the late Ron Moody had succeeded Patrick Troughton – William Hartnell, Pat Troughton, Ron Moody, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Christopher Lee in cricket whites. We discover that Hayden’s great-grandfather was the first person ever to sell Ford motor cars…(listen in to hear the end of that sentence). We also hear of Mark’s memories of seeing Matthew Waterhouse in a stage production of Treasure Island and the role of “Inherit the Wind” in the Cockram family acquiring their first VCR.

    Only on Diddly Dum.



    MP3 Direct Download Link = DDPC036 – The Human Palindrome


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    Mark is the fourth member of the Blue Box Podcast to have visited the Diddly Dum Whoseum.

    Stalwart of Classic Diddly Dum and son of the Humber, The Rev (a.k.a. Andy), has recently started his Top Geak Podcast where he has collected his top interviews which have appeared on the Who Wars Podcast. Our reverend colleague interviews luminaries from the worlds of comic art and writing (including Lee Sullivan, Cavan Scott, Simon Fraser and Racheal Smith) and of Doctor Who and sci-fi (including Dominic Glynn, Andrew Smith, Peter Harness and Mat Irvine). Top Geak can be found at its Facebook page, on iTunes and at its own blog.

    Vincent Price appears on Christopher Lee’s “This is Your Life”.

    Peter Cushing appears on Christopher Lee’s “This is Your Life”.

    Stephen Fry’s QI anecdote about Peter Cushing phoning Christopher Lee.

    Jon Pertwee singing the Wozel Gummidge song.

    Screen Test with Michael Rodd.

    Syd Dale – Marching There And Back (Screen Test Theme).

    Mark’s Blue Box colleague, Lee, can also be heard on his “Sound & Vision” show on Phonic FM.

    “Watching Books” was created in order to republish the three You and Who books which had previously been available from Miwk Publishing but which had fallen out of print during 2013, as well as to carry on the line with future You and Who books and related volumes. The books mentioned in this week’s podcast can be found here.

    The Golden Dancer rocking horse scene can be found 48 mins into “Inherit the Wind” (1960).


    The Diddly Dum Podcast acknowledges the copyright of anyone we've pinched anything from.




  • On the Time Lash

    30. Regenerating All Over the F***ing Shop

    On the Time Lash

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:39 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015


  • AM Audio Media

    Whowars Promo Bumper

    AM Audio Media

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:10 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015

    Promo bumper for the whowars.net podcast

  • AM Audio Media

    Doctor Who Dark Journey - The Age Of Banishment

    AM Audio Media

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:52 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2015

    "What would the demented woman have said to you Holmes?" Holmes faces his tragic upbringing as the Illuminatos spirits taunt him with the sadness of the past ... the moment in which 'Sherlock Holmes,' hero of London was forged from pain and despair. As the shadows close in around them The Doctor must confront his own past. His shame and torment, the dark Gallifreyan days of 'The Time of the Banishment'. While the whispering shadows torment our heroes with the horror of past times what gift does Cassandra have for The Doctor, when the sacrifice of innocence brings them together for the final time? - Doctor Who Dark Journey - Series 2 - Episode 3 - The Age of Banishment Theme music by Traffic Experiment Doctor Who Dark Journey is a Canadian, award winning audio series written by Andrew Chalmers, sound design by Kevin Gray, directed by MA Tamburro. (Doctor Who Dark Journey is a fan production of AM Audio Media. Doctor Who is a property of the BBC, no copyright infringement intended.) Additional Sound Effects and Music Two Steps From Hell - Chase The Light (Amaria) Peder B. Helland - 30 minutes of Dark Suspense Scary Creepy Horror Music SFX World - Heart Beat 05 Dale Pendlebury - Horror Sound Effects and Music Free Peder B. Helland - Creepy Ominous Horror Suspense Background (scary instrumental music) Sound Effects Factory - Evil Laugh Joshua Hemming - A Beacon

  • The Bad Wilf Podcast

    Episode 138:We didn't know what to call this

    The Bad Wilf Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:59 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2015

    In which two drunk blokes from South London, discuss sexism in Hollywood.

  • The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

    Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 47

    The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    06:30 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2015

    Greetings Who fans, good to have your ears for episode 47. Let’s go straight in with talk of the official festival, news round up then our review of Paul McGann’s Doctor Who: The Movie.

    The News

    If you’re enjoying the current run of Who comics from Titan then you’ll be pleased to hear that Year Two has been successfully commissioned and kicks off this September with stories for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: Year Two #1 lands Sep 9th and Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #1 is released Sep 16th. No word as yet on stories for the 9th or 12th Doctor’s but watch this space.

    Dan Starky has been expanding his Who character repertoire lately. He was snapped at what looks like The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff in a custom made mini-Cyberman outfit. What can this mean? Is this something we’ll see in Series 9 this September or is it a bit of fun? Either way, Starky looks less than thrilled in the pics and we much prefer him as Commander Strax.

    Capaldi and Coleman are going to Germany to play special guests at a Who event in Berlin. Friday 17th July sees a special fan event in the heart of Berlin and we think this is a great idea. As Who grows in popularity across Europe it’s only fitting that the stars pop over and say hi. If any of our German listeners attend please send us some pics!

    “The Movie” Review

    Ah, The Movie, or The TV Movie, or Doctor Who The Movie. Whatever your naming convention it’s a very different beast this one and a story we’ve been looking forward to reviewing for ages. You’ll know the drill with this one but does it leave us feeling regenerated and alive or cold and morgue-like?

    This week’s trivia question

    Last episode we asked you – Where is “Sister-of-mine”? The answer is of course, in every mirror.

    This week’s question is – The Sycorax had control of people with which blood type? Give us your answer in the comments below or post it on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck!

    It’s been great fun this week and thank you so much for all your comments on The Movie, you guys obviously have strong feelings on it and it was great reading through them all. Be prepared for next week’s Timelash! Have an fantastic week and until next time – Allons-y!

  • Geek Syndicate

    GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate - Episode 247

    Geek Syndicate

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:48 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2015

    Monts and Nuge are back and this time like a sassy cop show they team up with fellow GS team member Shar to fight the geek fight. Fingers crossed this gets picked up for a series! News
    • RIP James Horner
    • Marvel finds its Spiderman
    • Hannibal gets eaten....I mean cancelled
    • A new show is coming called Geeks who Drink (are there any other kind of geeks?)
    Week that Was
    • Dave looks at the State of DC Comics
    • Humans
    • Kroma
    • Dark Matter

    Email: thegeeks@geeksyndicate.co.uk

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  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 479: Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures - THE CLOISTERS OF TERROR

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:00 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2015

    @bigfinish @Lou_Jameson #doctorwho #tindogpodcast #4thDoctor #TomBaker Synopsis St Matilda's College, Oxford is haunted. The building was formerly a convent and, so the story goes, three ghostly nuns wander its passages during the hours of darkness. The story goes on to say that anyone who sees the 'three sisters' will not be long for this world. When one of the students mysteriously disappears, the Dean of the College, Dame Emily Shaw, has no option but to call in the police. Her call appears to be answered when a Police Box arrives in her study; the Doctor and Leela have come to investigate and uncover the dark secret that has lain buried beneath the college for almost a thousand years... Written By: Jonathan MorrisDirected By: Nicholas Briggs Cast Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Rowena Cooper (Emily Shaw),Richenda Carey (Sister Frances Beckett), Claudia Grant (Megan Matthews), Allison McKenzie (Lynn Pickering), Jane Slavin (Ancient Nun/Brenda) Producer David RichardsonScript Editor John DorneyExecutive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

  • The Cloister Room

    The Cloister Room 118 - Wealthy Decadent Do-Nothings

    The Cloister Room

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:00 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2015

    Randomly, Tom and Louis wind up on the fanciest of mining crafts, for a discussion of the Fourth Doctor classic, The Robots of Death! Topics of discussion include hallucinogens, growing up with robots, and rich assholes.

  • The Old Doctor Who Show

    09: Carnival of Monsters (Classic Doctor Who Review)

    The Old Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    16:22 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2015

    Life is sad.  Also Dan and Eric shrink themselves down and spend some time with Carnivale of Monsters.

  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 58: Colony in Space

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:00 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2015

    This week we cover story #58, Colony in Space! The Doctor finds himself on the planet Uxarieus, where a colony is under attack from monsters and the Interplanetary Mining Corporation wants them off the planet. The natives pose a threat as well, and things really get interesting when an Adjudicator arrives to sort things out -- and it turns out to be the Master!

    Question of the Week/Listener Mailbag

    Discussion of "Colony in Space" (Charlie 8, David 7, Trevor 7), in which one of the Wanderers takes a nap at an inopportune time!

    Connor's Corner


    • Trevor
      • Twitter: @WhovianTrev
      • Tumblr: http://trevsplace.tumblr.com/
    • Charlie
      • Twitter: @insanityinchaos
      • Infinite Longbox Podcast
      • Comic Conspiracy Podcast
    • David
      • Twitter: @gwythinn
      • WWW: http://www.davidsafar.com/
      • Tumblr: http://maroonedwhovian.tumblr.com/

    Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #59, The Daemons! You can stream the serial from Hulu+, rent the DVD from Netflix, or buy the DVD from Amazon.com, the BBC Doctor Who Shop,, or many other fine retailers.

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On:Episode 285(Tim's Take On Glasgow)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:23 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2015

    Recently I had a short weekend break in Glasgow a city that still has four Police Boxes on it's streets so here's an audio diary of my first visit to Scotland.

    Update: Since returning I've learned there's a further two boxes to discover so stay tuned for a follow up show next year.

    You can read more about Glasgow's Police Boxes here http://www.discoverglasgow.org/police-box-walk-02/4578988612

    and see my photos of the city here https://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/sets/72157654098253208

    I also shot a video about all four Police Boxes here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KydS6p6MOng

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/

    If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to tdrury2003@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/3711029536/in/set-72157621161239599/ in case you were wondering.

  • The Cultdom Collective

    Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Episodes 1&2)

    The Cultdom Collective

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:00 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    Ian, Mike and Dave board the SS Bernice for a nice cruise on the open sea, things are going well and the lads are having a good time until the writer runs out of ideas of how to sneak in this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who - Carnival of Monsters (Episodes 1&2)

  • Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep62- My Doctor Season: Troughton is my Doctor

    Gallifrey Stands

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:08 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    Guest Companion Dan Collins from Troughton is my Doctor tells us about his website, missing episodes, of course his favorite Doctor Patrick Troughton & So much more.

    You can find 'Toughton is my Doctor' http://troughtonismydoctor.com/, on twitter @TroughtonsMyDoc & on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TIMDDW?fref=ts

    Gallifrey Stands is sponsored by http://www.DottiesCharms.co.uk. Check out the Doctor Who range today.

    Gallifrey Stands can be found at on twitter @DoctorSquee, by email GallifreyStandsPodcast@gmail.com, on stitcher, iTunes & http://gallifreystandspodcast.podbean.com & on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481026762176392/

    You can buy the GallifreyStands lipbalm @ https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/209093664/gallifrey-stands-geek-stix-inspired-by?ref=shop_home_active_12

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Ep 77 - TARDIS Tots & the Doctor as Dad

    Doctor Who: Verity!

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:30 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    This week we're talking about the "kids" in the TARDIS. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we talk about the Doctor as a father figure and orphans in the TARDIS. So how does the Doctor do as a parental unit? Is he a trustworthy adult-type? Or as childish as the youngsters he takes in? Or does it vary by era? (Spoiler: it varies!) And as this is the year of the companion, we spend a good amount of time chatting about the young(ish) orphans themselves.

    What do you think of the-Doctor-as-parent and the young'uns who travel with him? Let us know in the comments!


    Also covered [links on our site]:

    • Kat
      • discovers another drunken Doctor Who podcast, Doctor Whooch!
      • and the hosts of that podcast own a new comic shop in Edmonton, Variant Edition!
    • Erika
      • listens to Liz on Radio Free Skaro!
      • also listens to Liz's new Blake's 7 podcast, Down and Safe!
    • Lynne covets fuzzy, hooded, TARDIS footie pajamas!
    • Deb
      • can't wait to see Sam Maggs, author of The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy!
      • enjoys the Sam Maggs interview on RFS #475!

    Bonus links [also on our site]:
    TARDIS Tavern
    The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
    The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
    Total Party Kill
    Lazy Doctor Who
    Watsonian vs Doylist
    Guy In Your MFA

  • MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

    episode 107 - Ed's Angels

    MarkWHO42 - The Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:00 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    Last episode Ed and Trish took center stage to talk about their appearance at RageCon. We thought maybe we should let them keep the party going. And this time, they've brought some old friends in. Galliday founder Amy McCain comes back and shares some Doctor Who/Harry Potter connections. And our Big Finish expert Meghan Laughlin is here too! Plus, over in Doctor Who news, it's time to speculate about when we'll see the start of season 9. And to send out prayers and positive vibes to John Hurt! And to celebrate some early Holiday cheer thanks to news involving the 6th Doctor Colin Baker. Markwho42. All things Doctor Who.......... and BEYOND!!!!!!!!

  • Tin Dog Podcast


    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:00 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    #doctorwho #tindogpodcast Midlands premiere convention for Doctor Who fans! Guests Photo Gallery Tickets About Whooverville Guests Photo Gallery Tickets About Whooverville Counting down to Whooverville 7! 5 September 2015 at QUAD, Derby. 0 7 3 Days 2 2 Hours 0 3 Minutes Guests Back to Top More guests will be added as they are confirmed. Please remember all announced guests appear subject to work commitments. Colin Baker For the second successive year we are proud to be bringing a Doctor to Whooverville - and it's an old friend of our group and our convention. We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that COLIN BAKER has agreed to return to Whooverville.Colin, the Sixth Doctor of course, needs no introduction. If you have yet to see him at a convention you are in for a treat. He is a fabulous guest and a genuinely nice guy.He was the main guest at the very first Whooverville, back in 2009 and we are really looking forward to showing him what we have done with our little convention, as well as to asking him about Big Finish, his part in the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, I'm A Celebrity... and so much more. Many thanks to Colin for agreeing to come back and see us again Guests Jenny T. Colgan Jenny published her first novel in 2000 and is one of the UK's most popular romantic novelists, winning the award for Romantic Novel of the Year in 2013 for Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams. A life-long Who fan, who once won a competition to meet Peter Davison, Jenny's first Doctor Who novel, Dark Horizons was published in 2012. She is also a contributor to the recently published collection of Who novellas, originally published as e-books, Time Trips. Many thanks to our friends at BBC Books for helping to arrange Jenny's appearance at Whooverville. Richard Marson Richard is the author of two acclaimed biographies of Doctor Who producers. JNT: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan Turner, published in 2013, confounded many people's expectations by being a serious, scholarly and above all sympathetic account of the life of the last producer of classic Doctor Who. He has followed this up his year, with his biography of the series' first producer, Drama and Delight: The Life of Verity Lambert, which is garnering rave reviews. Both books are published by Miwk Publishing, to whom our thanks go for facilitating Richard's appearance at Whooverville. Richard was for many years a contributor to Doctor Who Magazine and was editor of Blue Peter between 1998 and 2007. He also produced the fabulous 2012 documentary, Tales of Television Centre. We very much look forward to meeting him. Jeff Cummins Since winning a Magpie art competition with a portrait of George Best in 1969, Jeff has had a successful career as a graphic designer and artist. In the 1970s he worked with the legendary Hipgnosis, designers of album covers, working with artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues and Peter Gabriel. His painting for the Paul and Linda McCartneyalbum 'Wings Over America' propelled him into the international arena. of course he is well-known to Who fans as the designer of the covers of a number of Target books. More information on Jeff and his work can be found at http://www.jeffcummins.com/ Many thanks to Jeff for contacting us, we look forward to meeting him. Karen Louise Hollis Karen is an old friend and a member of our group, who is known for her two books relating her convention experiences Un-Conventional and The Other Side of The Table. She is the author of the forthcoming Anthony Ainley biography, The Man Behind The Master, to be published by Fantom Films. Michael Pickwoad Michael is the current Production Manager on Doctor Who, the man ultimately responsible for all art and design matters on the series. The son of War Machines actor William Mervyn, he has never done a convention before. Many thanks to our friend Tristan Peatfield for making the introductions. Dan Starkey Dan has become the go-to-guy for Sontarans both for televised Doctor Who and for Big Finish audios, since appearing in the 10th Doctor Story The Sontaran Strategem/The Poison Sky. He is probably best known as Commander Strax, a role which he first played in the Eleventh Doctor story A Good Man Goes To War and which he has reprised on several occasions since as part of the Paternoster Gang. After 3 seasons in prosthetics as Randal Moon in Wizards vs. Aliens, Dan finally got his face on-screen as Ian the elf in the Doctor Who Christmas Special Last Christmas, before covering himself in glory as part of the winning team in the Christmas 2014 series of University Challenge. Dan is a long-standing Doctor Who fan, which will make it particularly pleasing to welcome him to Whooverville. Terrance Dicks Terrance Dicks is a very old friend of our group, having twice previously visited us for Friday evening meetings, as well as for one of the 625 Lines events at QUAD that we co-organised. Terrance needs no introduction, he is simply the most important writer ever to contribute to Doctor Who and the biggest influence on the show of the last 40 years. Terrance is a great convention guest, a font of fascinating stories and memories, and a genuinely nice, approachable person. If you haven't met him yet, you are in for a treat. David Benson David Benson is perhaps best know to us as the voice of Panda in the Big Finish Iris Wildthyme audio range, for playing Orson Welles in 'Invaders from Mars', also for Big Finish and (among others) Aleister Crowley in 'The Scarifyers'. He is also known for his hit one-man show 'Think No Evil Of Us', based on the life of Kenneth Williams as well as for his similar show based on Frankie Howerd and for playing Noel Cowerd in the BBC comedy show 'Goodnight Sweetheart'. David made his television Doctor Who debut this year as the Master of Ceremonies of the Archery Contest in 'Robot of Sherwood'. Matthew Waterhouse The son of a solicitor, Matthew was a great fan of Doctor Who in his younger days and went on to play Adric alongside the 4th and 5th Doctors. Matthew has recently returned to Doctor Who as Adric for Big Finish alongside Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor. Photo Gallery

  • WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    #064 Radio Free Sorrow

    WHO 37 - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:49 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    ...in probably the most meta episode of this podcast, our host calls out one of The Three Who Rule on a remark he made on his podcast.

  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #303 - The one and only #302!

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:33 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    Mit einem liebe Gruss an unsere Unterstutzer bei Patreon, die sich dieses Thema gewunscht haben, geht es in der heutigen Folge des Whocasts um das 2013er Jublaums-Special "The five(ish) Doctors (reboot)". Und weil man mit "Witze nacherzahlen" keinen kompletten Cast fullen kann, haben wir auch noch ein wenig Post im Gepack.

  • Roy's Rocket Radio

    RRR 89, Inc. Jurassic World (2015), The UK Pop Culture, Technology and Creative Podcast for the Evolved Science Fiction, Fantasy

    Roy's Rocket Radio

    Direct Podcast Download

    00:43 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2015

    News: Even Later! Even More Defunct Bits of Me, Podcast Interviews, Contributor Wanted, Podcast Download Statistics, Feedback: Correspondence for RRR 31 Regarding Karl Edward Wagner, Correspondence for RRR 86 Regarding Mr. Robot, TV: Killjoys (2015), Humans (2015), Movies: Jurassic World (2015), Games: Neo Sword and Sorcery Interactive Fiction Game Rider in the Mist Expansion, New Unnamed IF Game

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