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The Podcast That Never Ends

The Podcast That Never Ends
Eee Ba Ba GUM!

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The Podcast That Never Ends Statistics
Average Episode Duration:
Longest Episode Duration:
Total Duration of all Episodes:
11 hours, 48 minutes and 28 seconds
Earliest Episode:
22 August 2012 (1:06pm GMT)
Latest Episode:
17 May 2012 (1:42am GMT)
Average Time Between Episodes:
72 days, 10 hours, 59 minutes and 32 seconds

The Podcast That Never Ends Episodes

  • NEWSFLASH - www.journeyneverends.com

    17 May 2012 (1:42am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 6 minutes and 17 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Newsflash from me regarding exciting news from the world of Journey That Never Ends! Check out this update as soon as you can :-)

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends 9: DOCTOR STEW SPECIAL!

    16 April 2012 (1:06am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 51 minutes and 15 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    The new podcast is a celebration of the regenerated Doctor Stew series with a WORLDWIDE exclusive interview with its creator Kevin Karstens & Star Ashley Tarrant! A really fun interview that I know you will enjoy! Plus a news update talking about new companions, teary goodbyes, the official convention, Roath Lock BBC studio visit & yes.. A TARDIS TOUR by yours truly!!! What are you waiting for! Allons-Y!

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends 8: The Eighth Wonder!

    19 February 2012 (8:39pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 59 minutes and 25 seconds

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    Welcome to the 8th podcast by your friend the recently tattooed with the Seal of Rassilon Ty Davies. This podcast is to celebrate the first day of filming of the new series of Who on the 20th Feb 2012! I bring you News, Sale of the Millennium, Video Games, THE MOVIE, Comic Who with Star Trek! And a WHOLE lot more besides! Sit back with a cup of Tea & a Jammie Dodger & enjoy!!! x

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends 7: The REAL McCoy

    22 September 2011 (6:25am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 2 hours, 9 minutes and 21 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    In this blockbuster return for The Journey Never Ends Podcast! I bring you an exclusive from the Regenerations convention held in Swansea between September 17th & 18th 2011! A celebration of the wonderful universe of Who which you simply wont find anywhere else. Exclusives! New chapters with The Book Tower & all your favourites besides! Your coming back to the Journey That Never Ends & you will be all the better for it! Allons-Y!!!

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends 6: The Adventure Begins!

    15 April 2011 (1:36am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes and 22 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    With the return of Doctor Who on April 23rd. How could I possibly refuse another trip around the cosmos with The Doctor in this.. a timey wimey reboot action packed Hour & a Half of 100% pure Timelord! I interview the creator of Doctor Stew, feature an interview with John Barrowman & Bill Pullman about the return of Torchwood, take a look at an arcade game featuring a stetson wearing Timelord!, Dudley Moore as The Doctor, take a look back at Comic Relief, remembering The Brig Mr Nicholas Courtney and speak to Paul Daniels! Ee Ba Ba GUM! With much much more in this, the most feature packed celebration of the return of Doctor Who you could possibly hope for! So drop what your doing, grab your suitcase as Ty Davies takes you for a trip around the galaxy in the TARDIS one more time!

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends 5: THE FINAL EDITION

    20 November 2010 (2:45am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 2 hours, 4 minutes and 44 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Welcome to the final edition of Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends before regenerating next year! In this special 2hr final edition I bring you! News, Doctor Who Live, Time Crash Retrospective, Wii & DS Game Discussion, Sale Of The Millennium, Every Tom Baker Jelly Baby Scene.. ever, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson & Matt Smith, The Doctor Who Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol, David Tennant Plays Man United, Story Of The Smiling Tardis & Connection To Doctor Emmett Brown, Billy Connolly as Doctor Who, Cardiff Christmas Lights & Special Guests, Doctor Who: Interactive Experience! Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller, Your Favourite Timelords, My Advice To Avoid Doctor Who: The Lost Interviews Like A Martian Foot Fungus! and a WHOLE lot more besides.. The Podcast That Never Ends is going out on a climatic BANG rather than a whimper! So what are you waiting for.. Lets power up the TARDIS & get out there!!! You can find it at iTunes under Doctor Who The Podcast That Never Ends & if your already a subscriber should be downloading for you as you get this. If not then please head over to the Podcast Machine to listen to it right now! ALLONS-Y! Ty .. Would you like a sneak peek into the future? Then look here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnF9kbqJvCg

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends: Episode Four - THE QUADCAST!

    1 September 2010 (8:56am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes and 16 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    The one & only Welsh Doctor Who Podcast is back! Right from the home of Doctor Who! In this feature packed episode I bring you News!, Torchwood!, Eddie Izzard!, Comic Con Report!, Doctor Who Live!, Terry Nation Tribute!, Weddings!, Sale Of The Millennium!, Animated Homages!, Strange Tweedy Young Man at CERN! & a whole lot more inside!

  • Episode Three: The Mister 3 Podcast!

    13 July 2010 (7:57am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes and 29 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    GERONIMO! Ty Davies takes you back in time & into the future for a news roundup of the last amazing series with a news update on the Xmas Special & the fake movie! Features on The New Daleks, The Fake Timelords, Timelords That Walked The Earth, An Original Story, The Adventure Game (and Games), A Scandalous Tom Baker & a whole lot more besides! This is the ULTIMATE podcast with over an hour of Doctor Who chat & content you will not find anywhere else for absolutely free! Do your iPod or iPad a favour! Come with me on a trip of a lifetime!!! Welcome to The Podcast That Never Ends!

  • Episode Two: The Difficult 'Second' Podcast

    12 June 2010 (9:13am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 45 minutes and 31 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Yes.. WERE BACK! OK.. not quite professional but we are getting there! Some fantastic news about the return of Torchwood, Timelord World Cup, Jean Luc Picard insults James Corden, Sales Of The Millennium, Vincent & The Doctor, Welsh Location, Walken Who?, News & the usual mayhem from me!

  • Doctor Who: The Podcast That Never Ends: Episode One

    23 May 2010 (11:46am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 48 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Here we go.. For the first trip in time & space! Join me as I fight dodgy microphones, scary editing software & enunciate with a booming Welsh accent.. as I take on my first podcast & I am delighted that your coming with me! Allons-Y!

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