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The podcast where good company gather to talk Doctor Who and a company of other beloved British TV shows

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1 day, 9 hours, 16 minutes and 51 seconds
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11 January 2017 (2:54am GMT)
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1 November 2018 (12:44am GMT)
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24 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes and 53 seconds

Who and Company Episodes

  • Nathan & Ly of PixelWho and Community

    1 November 2018 (12:44am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 2 hours, 12 minutes and 5 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Happy Halloween! Welcome to the October edition of Who & Company! This month, our featured guests are from the creative world of PixelWho, Nathan Skreslet & Ly Cao. They talk about how their business got off the ground several years ago, what it's like to pixelate your favorite Timelord, and their perspective on the first three episodes of Doctor Who Series 11.

    Then we dive into their pick for this month, the reference-riddled nerd fest NBC sitcom that was Community. See you in November! #sixseasons&amovie; #coolcoolcool


  • Alisa Stern of Doctor Puppet & Avatar the Last Airbender

    4 October 2018 (2:47am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes and 8 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Only three days late for our September episode, but it's well worth the wait as we welcome Doctor Puppet's Alisa Stern to the show discussing her love of Doctor Who, the world of puppetry, and what it takes to make an 8 part story that's spanned 5 years.

    And then it's on to one of Alisa's other favorite shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender! We'll talk about Nickelodeon's animated epic, why we all love it, the upcoming Netflix live-action series, and......the movie that doesn't exist...shhh.

    Our UK team (James & special guest Adam J. Purcell of Staggering Stories) also has the latest news and a special report on the recent Whooverville convention in Derby!


  • News Segment with James and Trevor

    13 September 2018 (2:37am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 46 minutes and 43 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Before our regular September episode later this month, we thought we'd surprise you with this Special Edition of the podcast with a reunion you thought you'd never hear. It's a roundup of Doctor Who news with none other than UK team member, James Rockliffe, joined by former DWP co-host, Trevor Gensch! Fans of THE Doctor Who Podcast will remember the broad spectrum of voices and opinions of the various hosts and this special episode doesn't disappoint. We hope you enjoy and as always, "you are most welcome".


    Join us again later in September!

  • Alyssa Franke & Sense8

    1 September 2018 (12:50am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 17 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    This Week in Time Travel's Alyssa Franke joins us this month to discuss podcasting, blogging, and writing her own entry into the Black Archives about Hell Bent! After that, Alyssa chooses the Netflix series Sense8 as her pick of the month. We talk about how important it is for the positive portrayal of different cultures on television and how it stirred a massive following into lobbying for a proper finale. And did we mention Doctor Who stars and references in Sense8?

    Also, keep an eye out in early September when our UK team has a special of their own covering the latest news and topics. Were you a fan of THE Doctor Who Podcast? Well, you don't want to miss this!


  • Erik Stadnik and Slings & Arrows

    30 July 2018 (11:40pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 42 minutes and 53 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Is this a dagger which I see before me? No! It's the July edition of Who & Company all about education and Shakespeare! Join us in welcoming our special guest this month, podcaster Erik Stadnik! He is co-host of Doctor Who: The Writer's Room and The Classic Horror Cast and he sits down with us on this episode to discuss Doctor Who, of course, but also one of his other favorite shows, the classic Canadian show about the trials and tribulations of running a small town Shakespeare theatre - Slings & Arrows.

    Before that, we have our UK team, James & Ian (formerly of THE Doctor Who Podcast) with a report of the new Tom Baker blu-ray set and the recent Genesis of the Daleks BFI screening. None other than Staggering Stories' own Adam J. Purcell joins them, so don't miss it!

    And a great big welcome to all of the new listeners we met this past weekend at Raleigh Supercon! We hope you enjoy the show.


  • Travis Richey & Battlestar Galactica

    30 June 2018 (4:38pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 21 minutes and 47 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Here is our June episode just in time before the end of the month! And speaking of time, our guest this month is no stranger to time travel. In fact, he travels in space as well as time. He's the star of the Inspector Chronicles and former Inspector Spacetime on NBC's Community, it's Travis Richey! He stops by to discuss his latest projects, his recent birthday wish of jumping out of an airplane, being eaten by a Dinocroc while David Carradine was living it up in Hawaii, and of course, Doctor Who. He also chooses a fantastic reboot of a 70s sci-fi classic, Battlestar Galactica, to chat with us about. If that's not enough, he's also created the Travis Richey Sketch Show on YouTube. Listen out for a sketch after the credits.

    Also, joining us from London are James & Ian with the latest news about Twitch, Doctor Who's new composer, and football results.

    Thanks for listening!


  • Steven Marsh, MST3K, & Blue Box Alliance

    30 May 2018 (1:00am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes and 10 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Just in the nick of time here's your May episode! This month features the winner of the Who Against Guns drawing to be a guest on our show. It's game designer and Doctor Who fan, Steven Marsh! Join us as we discuss our favorite show and the classic series he's chosen to geek out over...Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    But before that, we are joined by Blue Box Alliance founder Jeremy Wheeler to discuss how his organization is using Doctor Who to teach kids (and adults) how to deal with bullying and their efforts to complete an upcoming fan film!

    We're also joined by our UK team, James & Ian, who report on the current state of Doctor Who fandom in the United Kingdom.

    We hope you enjoy this jam-packed episode and we'll see you next month!



  • WHOLanta, England, & Harry Anderson

    22 May 2018 (12:01am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 53 minutes and 26 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    May 2018 is so packed here at Who & Company that we've created an entire extra bonus episode for you just to fit it all in. This special episode includes an interview with the late comedian/magician/actor Harry Anderson talking with Drew a few years ago just as one Peter Capaldi was taking over the role of the Doctor. Hear Harry talk about one of his favorite shows, Doctor Who!

    Then, Brent & his wife FINALLY made the trip to England and met up with writer Andrew Smith and fellow podcaster and UK team member, James Rockliffe. (Not to mention eating in a prison and falling on the tube)....

    Next up, Drew talks all about his recent jam-packed Saturday at WHOLanta 2018 in Georgia with Louise Jameson (among others) and the launch of Children of Time, the fan-written charity book featuring companion essays by WHOLanta organizer, Alan Siler, and our own Drew Meyer!

    See you in a few days with our feature length May episode!



  • ReGeneration Who 4 with Simon Fraser & William Russell

    2 April 2018 (12:13am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes and 38 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    This month, we look back at our time at this year's (Re)Generation Who 4 convention in Baltimore, Maryland featuring many guests including Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and the first public appearance of Peter Capaldi since leaving the role of the Doctor! And if that's not exciting enough, we were very fortunate to grab a 10 minute interview with none other than Ian Chesterton himself, William Russell, discussing his time on The Adventures of Sir Lancelot!

    After that, you can hear our live panel with comic artist Simon Fraser discussing what it's like to draw the Eleventh Doctor and why he chose Star Trek: Enterprise as his classic TV show.

    All that and a recap from us of this year's fantastic convention.


  • Who Against Guns with Joy Piedmont & Graeme Burk

    21 March 2018 (12:19am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 59 minutes and 47 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Join us this month as we present a special episode focusing on a very important fundraiser, Who Against Guns. We talk with organizers Joy Piedmont & Graeme Burk about the campaign, how it's progressed so far, and how they got Steven Moffat and Philip Hinchcliffe on board. We'll also discuss their love of Doctor Who and hosting their own show, Reality Bomb!

    See you at ReGeneration Who, March 23-25, 2018 in Baltimore!



  • Nicole Mazza & In The Flesh

    27 February 2018 (12:34am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes and 14 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    February is the month of hearts and flowers, but this month it may mean hearts being ripped out of chests and flowers on graves. Why? Because this month we're talking about zombies with our featured guest, Nicole Mazza of Terminus: A Doctor Who Podcast! Nicole shares her love of Doctor Who, writing fanfic, and choosing this month's classic show, BBC3's In The Flesh.

    This month also sees two new members joining the Who & Company team! James and Ian, formerly of THE Doctor Who Podcast, now form our UK team and report from the recent BFI screening of Day of the Doctor with special guests Steven Moffat and Marcus Hearn in attendance.

    Thanks for joining us. See you next month!



  • Edward Russell & Top of the Pops

    26 January 2018 (11:57pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 24 minutes and 24 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Thank you so much for a very fun and successful first year of Who & Company. We're starting out Year Two in a big way! Joining us for our January episode is none other than former Doctor Who Brand Manager, Edward Russell! We'll talk about his time on Doctor Who and also his thoughts on being a lifelong fan. Then Edward chooses Top of the Pops as his Classic Show, which just happens to be another program on which he's worked. So sit and back and listen to tales about behind the scenes, lip-synching, embarrassing live performances, and future plans for this month's guest, Edward Russell!

    Then, as an added bonus, we check back in with podcaster Eric Molinsky and find out how his newfound fandom with the show is coming along as he and Drew discuss Twice Upon a Time.

    See you next month!


  • Twice Upon a Shada with James & Michele

    18 January 2018 (12:24am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes and 21 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Welcome to 2018 and thank you so much for listening and supporting our show throughout its first year! As a special thank you, we thought we'd bring back our very first two guests, James & Michele from THE Doctor Who Podcast to discuss not only the Christmas Special, but also the recently released brand-new definitive version of Shada, featuring Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor & Lalla Ward's Romana.

    So sit back and enjoy this ALL Doctor Who special edition of Who & Company!

    ...and SPOILERS abound for Twice Upon a Time AND Shada! Please watch them before listening and we will see you later this month for our January episode.

    Thanks for listening!


  • Fringe with Eric Molinsky

    24 December 2017 (4:48am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 18 minutes and 14 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    As we close out our very first year of the show, we are pleased to have with us fellow podcaster and brand new Doctor Who fan, Eric Molinsky of the Imaginary Worlds podcast. We chronicle his journey from barely having seen and episode of Doctor Who to becoming a huge fan - and you won't believe how far he's progressed since he started!

    Then we switch over to one of Eric's favorite shows, the recent J.J. Abrams television sci-fi series, Fringe - a show all about multiple universes and sometimes diabolical experiments. And we round out the interview turning our focus back to Doctor Who.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all! Please join us for another year in January and maybe even a Christmas surprise coming very soon. Thanks for listening!

  • The 54th Anniversary Special

    7 December 2017 (2:35am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 14 minutes and 41 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    With our apologies for being a week late, we present to you our celebration of the recent 54th anniversary of our favorite show with a plethora of interviews from this year's Long Island Who 5 Convention in New York brought to you by our own Drew Meyer! Join us for interviews with such Doctor Who luminaries as Sylvester McCoy, John Leeson, Waris Hussein, Edward Russell, Barnaby Edwards, Richard Ashton, and the lovely Katy Manning.

    But before that, Brent & Drew finally meet in person and interview the organizers of The Raleigh/Durham Doctor Who Meetup Group, Amy Deletrre and Brad Gillespie, as we all gather together for dinner and the top three club-voted Peter Capaldi episodes in honor of the outgoing Doctor.

    See you later in December!

    Email the show!

  • Rick & Morty with Chris Burgess & Kat Griffiths

    26 October 2017 (10:15pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes and 8 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    It's our first foray into the world of animation as Christopher Burgess of Radio Free Skaro and Katrina Griffiths of Start the Music and Verity! both join us to talk a little Doctor Who and then delve into the strange and wildly popular world of Rick & Morty! As always, spoilers for Rick & Morty are in this episode, so if you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and go watch it THEN come back and listen, won't you?

    Thanks for listening!


  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker with Paul Heath

    22 September 2017 (6:27pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 31 minutes and 14 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Although we're still a month away from Halloween, we thought we'd get a jump start from horror enthusiast and podcaster, Paul Heath as our guest this month. You may know him from the Hammered Horror podcast or as one of the members of the Pharos Project podcast, but in this episode, he's brought with him that very influential reporter of the supernatural, Kolchak: The Night Stalker! Is he the world's greatest reporter or is he just making it up as he's going along? Come join us! We had a lot of fun recording this one.

    Feel free to leave the show a review on iTunes or if you'd like to contribute to the show, www.patreon.com/whoandcompany

    Thanks for listening!

  • Petra Mayer & British Baaake-Off

    16 August 2017 (2:00am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes and 5 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    NPR's Petra Mayer is this month's special guest kindly joining us to discuss our thoughts on the recently completed Series 10 of Doctor Who, the casting of Jodie Whittaker, and her favorite show pick of the month, The Great British Bake-Off.....or The Great British Baking Show, depending on which country you're actually watching it in. Will Paul Hollywood give the stare-down? Will Sue be the 14th Doctor? Will Mary fall over drunk? Listen in!


  • Episode 7 - Firefly with Dave & Elizabeth Keep

    14 July 2017 (6:17pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 39 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Join us for our July edition as we are spending some time with long-time podcasters and married couple, Dave & Elizabeth Keep of Professor Dave's Ark in Space, or PDAIS for short. We talk about Series 10 of Doctor Who up through Episode 10 and then take a trip down recent memory lane as we reminisce about the American cult classic from 2002, Firefly and its follow-up feature film, Serenity. Thanks for listening and please rate us on iTunes!



  • Episode 6 - Jamie Mathieson

    20 June 2017 (10:34pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 56 minutes and 7 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Yes, you read that correctly. Writer Jamie Mathieson is here with us for the June episode of Who & Company! We discuss the early beginnings of his writing career, his feature film, and of course, his writing for some of the best Doctor Who stories in recent years. Then we talk about a sci-fi classic that Jamie himself chose for us, Sapphire & Steel! So join us as we spend time with Jamie Mathieson.....including that silly outtake after the credits.



  • Episode 5 - Jeremy Radick & The Prisoner

    22 May 2017 (1:21am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 28 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    This month, we are joined by actor Jeremy Radick who played Gareth the Security Guard in the Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie with Paul McGann. Jeremy has performed on many other shows including Psych, The Odyssey, and The X-Files. We discuss his acting career and hear behind the scenes stories of his experiences with Doctor Who, Ryan Reynolds, and a very funny moment on the X-Files.

    We also catch up on Series 10 of Doctor Who and spend some time on the series that Jeremy has chosen for us this month - the 1967 sci-fi classic, The Prisoner!

    See you next month!


  • Episode 4 - Pilots of the Convention Circuit

    19 April 2017 (12:02am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 3 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    After an amazing first episode of Series 10, we sit down the very next day to discuss all of the ins and outs of the Doctor Who Convention circuit with Alan Siler of WHOlanta, Ken Deep of L.I. Who, and Taylor Deatherage of Chicago TARDIS! Our guests share their experiences attending and organizing several Doctor Who conventions, including their own, and how the joy of presenting them far outweigh the challenges.

    After that, join us as we rattle on about this week's fantastic Series 10 opener featuring a couple of great new companions. Thanks for listening!

    (SPOILER WARNING - If you haven't seen The Pilot yet, we start discussing around the 40 minute mark.)





  • Episode 3 - Star Cops & The Tripods w/ Steven Schapansky

    29 March 2017 (2:22am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 1 second

    Direct Podcast Download

    Join us along with one of our podcasting heroes this month as we tackle The Tripods and Star Cops with the one and only Steven Schapansky. Of course we mention Doctor Who, but we discuss so much more than that on this episode. Hear us talk about two British sci-fi gems of the 80s, drumming, and some things we've learned from Doctor Who.


  • Episode 2 - Andrew Smith

    25 February 2017 (9:18pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 37 minutes and 24 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    For our February episode, we feature an interview with a fantastic writer who's written for both the classic series and for Big Finish, Andrew Smith! We discuss many of his works at Big Finish, talk about what's coming up for Andrew, and give our thoughts on his choice for a favorite TV show to discuss this month, Survivors (the original 70s series).

    If you'd like to watch a few episodes before listening to our discussion, look for The Fourth Horseman and Law and Order. Both of these Survivors episodes are available on YouTube as well as DVD outlets online.

    And, of course, get all of your favorite audios from Andrew Smith and other writers at www.bigfinish.com

    See you next month!



  • Episode 1 - Power of the DWP

    31 January 2017 (11:20pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes and 41 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    ....and here we go! Thanks for joining us for the very first full episode of Who and Company, exploring Doctor Who and all sorts of related British shows with a company of great people. We're starting us off this monthly podcast with a long-awaited reunion of THE Doctor Who Podcast alumni, Michele and James! Join us for our discussion of the recently released Power of the Daleks. Stay tuned after the discussion for Drew's very special interview with the one and only Polly, Anneke Wills!

    Email us at: whoandcompany@yahoo.com

    On Twitter: @whoandcompany

  • Episode 0 - An Introduction

    23 January 2017 (11:43pm GMT)
    Episode Duration: 7 minutes and 2 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Just before we release Episode 1 (and it's a big one), we thought you'd like to get to know us a bit before we get started. Glad to have you with us as we start this new podcast!


    On Twitter @whoandcompany

  • Who & Company Promo

    11 January 2017 (2:54am GMT)
    Episode Duration: 1 minute and 11 seconds

    Direct Podcast Download

    Join us for Episode 1 in late January 2017!

    Email: whoandcompany@yahoo.com


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