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  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 775: Torchwood 22 GOODBYE PICCADILLY from @BigFinish

    Tin Dog Podcast

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    14:13 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2018

    @TinDogPodcast reviews #Torchwood 22 # GOODBYEPICCADILLY from @BigFinish #DoctorWho This could be my personal favourite Torchwood of all time! The setting is superb and the interaction is magical. Almost worth a crash course in Polari. Sgt Andy Davidson wakes up in the 1950s. He's chained to a bed, his clothes are missing and the building's on fire. Norton Folgate needs his help. The streets of Soho are swarming with gangsters, rumours and betrayals. Somewhere out there is a mysterious alien artefact, and Andy and Norton have to get to it first. Because tonight they're going to save Torchwood. Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners Written By: James Goss Directed By: Scott Handcock Cast Tom Price (Sgt Andy Davidson), Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate), Lucy Sheen (Fat Kim), Liam Hourican (The Vicar), Wilf Scolding (Alejandro), Rachel Atkins (Margot). Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer James Goss Script Editor David Llewellyn Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Ep 169 - An Aggressively Scottish Match

    Doctor Who: Verity!

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    11:30 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2018

    It's Lynne's turn to select a classic and a modern Who story to be her perfect match, and she's gone all Scots! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Lynne as we chew over haggis, kilts, shape-shifters, werewolves, and lots and lots of mythology. That's right, we're talking about "The Terror of the Zygons" and "Tooth and Claw"!

    Did you spot any other parallels between these stories? Let us know in the comments!


    Also covered:

    • Lynne is delighted by Paul Cornell's newsletter (and not just the excellent Doctor Who content)!
    • Liz
      • enjoys watching the fan reactions to Doctor Who on Twitch!
      • has some lovely new DW figs from eaglemoss!
    • Erika watched the director's cut of "Genesis of the Daleks" in the movie theatre!
    • Deb is excited about a Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con!

    Bonus link: @TheMasterDances

  • Who's Doing What Now


    Who's Doing What Now

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    08:00 (GMT) - 27 Jun 2018

    There are a lot of things that can go bump in the night, especially when you live in a house being visited by the Doctor, Clara, an alien and a time traveler. And on top of that, there's a cute sciencey couple trying to figure it all out! This week we talk about Hide, and we all learn who Vince has a crush on.

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  • Waffle On Podcast

    Kelly's Heroes

    Waffle On Podcast

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    20:13 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2018

    Waffle On about Kelly's Heroes

    Hello and welcome to this months edition of Waffle On and we chat away about this wonderful caper movie Kelly's Heroes. Its a war film, its a comedy, its a caper and its got Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas and Donald Sutherland in it. What more do you want? Oh ok we play some clips and of course some music from the film.

    We are alive and well on social media so please do come along and follow/join us.

  • Doctor Who Target Files

    Episode 69 Twice Upon A Time Review

    Doctor Who Target Files

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    18:54 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2018

    The Target Files team take a look back to the story first broadcast long ago in,errr, Christmas 2017. More specifically it's Paul Cornell's new Target adaptation of Twice Upon A Time, along with the even more new audiobook performed by Mark Gatiss. Mike and Alex also chat about their media recommendations of the moment. Along with a brief, spoiler warned chat about the leak of a clip from the first episode of the new Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall era. Twitter https://en@dwtargetfiles https://twitter.com/dwtargetfiles?lang=en Facebook -gb.facebook.com/DoctorWhoTargetFiles/

  • Roy's Rocket Radio

    RRR213 Welcome to Summer

    Roy's Rocket Radio

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    13:57 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2018

    Solo: A Star Wars Story, Justice League, Better Watch Out, Rampage, Gemini, Infinity Chamber, Spectral, Deathgasm, The Sand, Fahrenheit 451, Unsane, A Quiet Place, Tomb Raider, A Wrinkle In Time, ARQ, Cardinals, Patrick Melrose, Impulse, The Terror, Channel Zero, Cloak and Dagger, Westworld, Doctor Who, Time Stories, Bitcoin Crash, Nintendo Classic Mini, Raspberry Pi 3B+ Accessories, DOSBox Controller, London 600 Million Years Ago, Why I Stream Channel 4's Humans from Showbox, 1Gb Internet Trial, John Lewis vs. Apple Store Prices

  • Discussing Who

    Review of The Girl in the Fireplace, Doctor Who Series 2, Episode 4

    Discussing Who

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    00:50 (GMT) - 26 Jun 2018

    The Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Mickey Smith meet Madame De Pompadour in Episode 4 of Doctor Who Series 2 – The Girl in the Fireplace. Written by Steven Moffat, do we see hints of storylines yet to come? What makes this story beloved by so many? To answer these questions, we welcome back our friend, Nicole Mazza! Episode 112 of Discussing Who is hosted by Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and Kyle Jones.

  • Who's He?

    Call us Lord and Lady Stardust

    Who's He?

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    17:30 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2018

    In this episode, Phil and Paul grab some forged passports and tunnel their way out their cells to review Colditz by Big Finish. In this 7th Doctor and Ace story that features a future Doctor and introduces the character of Dr. Elizabeth Klein, the reviewing duo (well, Phil really) go off track with discussions on World War 2 themed toys of their youth, how warnings from history are being ignored or airbrushed from existence and how just how dangerously close we are to repeating the same mistakes that 1930's era Germany made. Oh, and they talk about the story itself of course!

    And in the news, the new Doctor Who cast will appear at this years Comic Con in San Diego and we say goodbye to British soap legend Leslie Grantham.

    And in a little bonus, the lads talk about their trip to the BFI to see the UK premiere of the blu-ray edition of Genesis of The Daleks!

  • Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Metebelis 2 #81 - No Clams

    Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

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    05:25 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2018

    The Metebelis two review Genesis of the Daleks on the big silver screen. How did the cut down omnibus version not seen since 1975 fare on when projected to make Tom Baker appear 10 feet tall? What did the lads miss and what, if anything, was improved? And why did seeing Tom's interview make them a bit said. Also, in the battle of for the old man crown, who has the more antiquated television set-up. Opening music is from Dudley Simpson's score for Genesis of the Daleks and closing music is Heathcliff Blair's later rendition of the score.

  • Lazy Doctor Who

    The Abominable Snowmen 5-6

    Lazy Doctor Who

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    02:17 (GMT) - 25 Jun 2018

    NN (5-6)

    Erika and Steven finish off their first shelf of Doctor Who! Erika (amid coughing) develops some potential headcanon for Victoria’s character development. Summer colds are the worst.

    Host Erika Ensign and Steven Schapansky

    Referenced Works Doctor Who [Amazon] Show Notes & Links

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free #641 - Bazalgette City

    Radio Free Skaro

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    18:00 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2018

    This week on Radio Free Skaro, it's time for the nation's favourite game show* (*not an actual game show) as we dive headlong into another edition of the Miniscope. This week, it's director Ed Bazalgette, who guided the recent episodes "The Girl Who Died", "The Woman Who Lived", and "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" into port. What did the Three Who Rule think of the former guitarist from the 1980s band The Vapors and his work in Doctor Who? Listen and find out! Also, with Doctor Who being produced under a cone of silence as of late, early discussion veers from Doctor Who on Twitch to Amazon reviews to Star Wars to Star Trek and so on. Be warned.


    - Doctor Who on Twitch


    - Ed Bazalgette - The Doctor's Meditation - The Girl Who Died - The Woman Who Lived - The Return of Doctor Mysterio

  • The Sonic Toolbox

    Androids Among Us

    The Sonic Toolbox

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    16:00 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2018

    Androids have been a staple of science fiction ever since the Golden Age, and Doctor Who has had it's fair share of them. We're discussing some of our favorite TV androids this week, both in Doctor Who and elsewhere.

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Episode 206: Sea of Leeches

    Trust Your Doctor

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    15:57 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2018

    This is the uncrossable leech sea.

    This is it. We finally made it to the very first episode that Dylan watched of Doctor Who. Well before this podcast was even a glimmer in either of their eyes, there was The Next Doctor. It was written by Russell T. Davies and aired on December 25, 2008.

    10:09 Labyrinth is a Jim Henson movie starring David Bowie.
    16:56 I guess nobody really knows how long the London area has been inhabited, but it’s definitely thousands of years.
    20:12 Thomas Paine’s most famous revolutionary pamphlets are Common Sense and American Crisis.
    28:15 It’s called a belt.
    36:14 Simulacra and Simulation is a book by Baudrillard.
    53:22 Here’s Stephen Fry’s language rant (actually part of a larger essay).

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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  • The Doctor Who Show

    The Doctor Who Show S03 E06 - Season 5 and fan opinion

    The Doctor Who Show

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    08:09 (GMT) - 24 Jun 2018

    The fifth season of Doctor Who began on 2 September 1967 with The Tomb of the Cybermen and ended on 1 June 1968 with The Wheel in Space. Only 22 out of 40 episodes are held in the BBC archives; 18 remain missing. As result only 2 serials exist entirely.

    Rob and Dave discuss each episode of Season 5 briefly, examine fan opinion past and present, and also ponder if each story is a "base under siege" adventure, as fan theories suggest.

    Of course they also rip into some current Doctor Who news and events beforehand and hope you enjoy the episode!

    Contact us anytime, hello@theDWshow.net

  • Trap One: A Doctor Who Podcast

    The Christmas Invasion by Jenny T Colgan

    Trap One: A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    06:33 (GMT) - 23 Jun 2018

    This week Keith (@50dw50) returns to the podcast to talk Sycorax, robot Santas and regeneration as we unwrap Jenny T Colgan's The Christmas Invasion Target novelisation.

    Show notes here.

  • Earth Station Who

    The Earth Station Who Podcast Episode 188 - The Waters of Mars - Earth Station Who - The ESO Network

    Earth Station Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    02:28 (GMT) - 23 Jun 2018

    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. No really, don’t drink the water on the Red Planet unless you want a serious case of Martian’s Revenge. Mike, Mike, and Mary avoid the...

    Earth Station Who is a show dedicated to the culture around the BBC icon Doctor Who. Join Mike F, Mike G and Dave as we explore the 50 year history and fandom surrounding the Doctor With reviews, interviews and just general talk you never know WHO might pop up.

  • The Pharos Project Podcast

    Pharos Project 224: Gojiras in the Mist

    The Pharos Project Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    01:21 (GMT) - 23 Jun 2018

    In this episode, we talk around the 1998 movie "Godzilla".

  • The Bad Wilf Podcast

    Episode 192:Sylvester McCoy and Jim Cummings

    The Bad Wilf Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    21:32 (GMT) - 22 Jun 2018

    In which Martyn and Gerrod bring you an interview with Sylvester McCoy and, Jim "Winnie The Pooh" Cummings.

    The podcast can be accessed via different places, including Audioboom, Player fm and Itunes.

    Follow the Bad Wilf team:

    Martyn - @BadWilf

    Pete - @BeeblePeteGerrod - @gerrod_edward

    Also check out the official Bad Wilf Vlog.

  • Tim's Take On...

    Tim's Take On: Episode 441(Prentis Hancock, Cy Town and Nick Joseph at The Capitol 3)

    Tim's Take On...

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:07 (GMT) - 22 Jun 2018

    This week more from The Capitol 3 convention, three actors who've made regular appearances in the classic series of Dr Who: Prentis Hancock, Cy Town and Nick Joseph

    You can see my photos of the event here https://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/albums/72157695567390494

    End Theme: Dr Who(8 Bit Version) By Finn Talisker

    The show is now on Facebook please join the group for exclusive behind the scenes insights and of course also discuss and feedback on the show https://www.facebook.com/groups/187162411486307/ If you want to send me comments or feedback you can email them to tdrury2003@yahoo.co.uk or contact me on twitter where I'm @tdrury or send me a friend request and your comments to facebook where I'm Tim Drury and look like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/tdrury/3711029536/in/set-72157621161239599/ in case you were wondering.

  • The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

    Doctor Who - Ep192: Is it Sutekh or not?

    The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast

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    06:00 (GMT) - 22 Jun 2018

    Welcome to Episode 192... The News This year's San Diego Comic Con will see the first panel featuring the new cast and producers from the new series of Who. Can we expect a trailer? Merch Corner The fan fiction book The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys is out now with all proceeds going to charity; Robert Harrop preview the Second Doctor and K9 and the Series 11 dvd and blu rays are already up for pre-order! "The Impossible Planet" Review Often viewed as a cool story within a mediocre series (not our opinion of course), it's about time we tackled this creepy two-parter. An enjoyable one or are we watching through the gaps in our fingers? Thank you for joining us for 192. Next week we're back to The Sarah Jane Adventuress and Warriors of Kudlak. Have a great week and until next time - Allons-y!

  • Doctor Whooch

    The World Is a Vampire (Moleman)

    Doctor Whooch

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:39 (GMT) - 22 Jun 2018

    In which we bid Devin adieu as we send him into the SEA...

    ...of our gratitude. Also, it is his last episode for now. Sad faces all around!

    Well, it has come to this. The last episode of Miracle Day, and the last episode of Torchwood. It has been a ride. As Danica and Brandon bid a fond farewell to their season long guest, they all endure and episode where there is a lot of blood, and the world has two buttholes. And if you control the buttholes, you control the world, but only if you have special blood? Torchwood is wild, y'all. And there wasn't even a lizard people conspiracy!

    Outro music is "Deeper Than Beauty" by Sloan

    Podcast picture is by GIRL NAMED SHIRL PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Broadchurch In Space?: Live from (Re)Generation Who 4

    Gallifrey Public Radio - A Doctor Who Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:43 (GMT) - 21 Jun 2018

    In the last of our panel sessions from (Re)Generation Who 4 in Baltimore, we discuss Chris Chibnall's body of work to date, and what assumptions we can make (or hopes we can have) about what that CV will bring to the next season of Doctor Who. Continue reading -

  • The Memory Cheats

    The Memory Cheats - Series 3 #1

    The Memory Cheats

    Direct Podcast Download

    14:00 (GMT) - 21 Jun 2018

    Series 3, Episode 1 of Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats! And the episode we will be reviewing today is...

    Visit our website at http://www.thememorycheats.com

    Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thememorycheats

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  • Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Episode 172: Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel

    Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:00 (GMT) - 21 Jun 2018

    This week, the Wanderers join the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey on an accidental trip to a parallel universe where Pete Tyler lives, Cybus Industries rules, and YOU will be upgraded!

    QotW: If your parallel universe doppelganger had a different name (like Ricky vs. Mickey), what would it be?

    So Here are the Things.../Listener Mailbag/Who News

    Discussion of "Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel" (Connor 9.5, Charlie 9, Trevor 8.5, David 8.5)

    Big Finish Audio Adventure: Project: Twilight (Trevor 7, David 8, Charlie 7)


    • Trevor @WhovianTrev Trevsplace
    • Charlie @insanityinchaos The Infinite Longbox The Comic Conspiracy
    • David http://www.davidsafar.com/ @gwythinn MaroonedWhovian
    • Connor YouTube: The Deadly Emerald

    Join us next week for our review of Doctor Who story #173, The Idiot's Lantern! Our audio adventure will be The Sandman, available from BigFinish.com.

  • Traveling the Vortex

    Episode 386 - Minus the Clams

    Traveling the Vortex

    Direct Podcast Download

    05:01 (GMT) - 21 Jun 2018

    In this week’s episode we review Big Finish’s Fifth Doctor story #104 The Bride of Peladon, and the end of another era as we say goodbye to another companion. Hear what we thought of this story.

    Also, Shaun shares his theater experience of Tom Baker’s presentation of Genesis of the Daleks, The Director’s Cut that was shown in cinemas last week.

    Also, we talk news, including the BBC Doctor Who panel coming to San Diego Comic Con.


  • Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep213 - Ranking the Doctors -Part 1

    Gallifrey Stands

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:24 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    Our latest ranking list is the big one. All the Doctors, 1 - 12 and the War Doctor! Part 1 of 3, continued next week.

    Listen to us every Wednesday in podcast form or every Friday on http://kryptonradio.com/ at 11am
    & Midnight BST (UK) / 3am and 4pm Pacific time (US). Other time zones are available!

    Gallifrey Stands can be found at on twitter @DoctorSquee, by email
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  • Geek Syndicate

    GSN PODCAST: Grouchy Old Geeks Episode 26

    Geek Syndicate

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:31 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    This month Steve and Scott start with some news and reviews before we get onto our main feature talking about the TV pilot season. These are are mainstream network TV pilot shows that have either been cancelled, are being shopped around or have been picked up for a full season. The list is far too long to go through so we focus on the drama shows and then only on a small number of those.

    To talk about this episode and any other episode you can visit the Grouchy Old Geeks Facebook Group. If you would like to get in touch you can email us on grouchyoldgeeks[at]gmail[dot] com or you could leave a review on iTunes.

  • Doctor Who: Verity!

    Extra! - Dinosaurs on a Commentary

    Doctor Who: Verity!

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:30 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    Remember back when we promised to do a couple commentaries as a thank you to our FABULOUS PATREON PATRONS? Well, trust us, we did. And better late than never? Here's the first one! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lizbeth as we discuss "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship": the dinosaurs, the spaceship, Amy-as-Doctor, pretty-people-bias, "comedy" robots, and so much Rupert Graves. Also, a serious anti-cookie agenda.

    Are you a fan of this story? Or does it annoy you like it does at least one of the Verities? Let us know in the comments!


  • Who's Doing What Now

    Cold War

    Who's Doing What Now

    Direct Podcast Download

    08:00 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    Kris heard we were doing an episode about the Ice Warriors and decided to come back! This week we travel to the 80s and go straight to the brink of nuclear annihilation, aboard a submarine of all places. Hang on tight, things get wet and wild this week (interpret that phrase as you see fit).

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  • The Old Doctor Who Show

    The Mysterious Planet

    The Old Doctor Who Show

    Direct Podcast Download

    04:00 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    Outro Music: "Here Comes the Judge" performed by Pigmeat Markham

  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Episode 80: Terror of the Zygons (Date Your Local Cryptid)

    The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon

    Direct Podcast Download

    03:59 (GMT) - 20 Jun 2018

    Joe and Toni are joined by Nathan Laws of The 42cast to discuss Nessie milk, unhappy cow noises, and highly technical fondling in the Classic Doctor Who serial Terror of the Zygons.

    This episode is brought to you by Friend of Rassilon Matt Golden. If you're interested in being a Friend of Rassilon, click here.

  • The Blue Box Podcast

    Episode 312: A Solo Review Sidebar

    The Blue Box Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:22 (GMT) - 19 Jun 2018

    The Blue Box Podcast - Episode 312: A Solo Review Sidebar Brought to you every Saturday by Starburst Columnist - JR Southall, Lee Rawlings, Mark Cockram and Simon Brett.

  • Tin Dog Podcast

    TDP 773: #DoctorWho Main Range 239 Ironbright from @Bigfinish

    Tin Dog Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:54 (GMT) - 19 Jun 2018

    @tindogpodcast reviews: #DoctorWho Main Range 239 Ironbright from @Bigfinish the most Steampunk story to come out of BF in ages. A psudo-historical with knobs on. A superb story from the brilliant author of #TheMiddle. Synopsis It's London, 1828, and the father-and-son team of Marc and Isambard Kingdom Brunel are masterminding a dangerous project - the digging of the Thames Tunnel. There's just one problem... The Brunels' tunnel is haunted. Every night, a spectral blue lady walks the excavation. Now, the 22-year-old Isambard, eager to step out of his famous father's shadow, finds himself dealing with not only the supposed supernatural, but a second unexpected guest - a colourful trespasser who calls himself 'The Doctor'. Isambard would like to know a great deal more about this strange man and his mysterious blue box... Written By: Chris Chapman Directed By: John Ainsworth Cast Colin Baker (The Doctor), James MacCallum (Isambard Kingdom Brunel), Christopher Fairbank (Marc Brunel), Catherine Bailey (Tan), Imogen Church (Rispa / Lady Raffles), Becky Wright (Flo Hawkins / Alayna), Anthony Townsend (Richard Beamish / John Chubb), Sam Woodward (Charlie / Lord Raffles / Captain Sanderson), Richard Unwin (Tour Guide / Scientist). Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer John Ainsworth Script Editor Alan Barnes Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

  • Roy's Rocket Radio

    RRR212 Dumb TV, Rich White Men Flee Doomed Earth, Burn the Trees!

    Roy's Rocket Radio

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:12 (GMT) - 19 Jun 2018

    I Bought an Idiot Box (TV), The Heat or Watch How I Bask in Global Warming, Destroy Trees Say Network Rail, Alastair Reynolds's Slow Bullets, Ross Armstrong's Head Case, Overblown Faff About Google Duplex

  • Reality Bomb - a Doctor Who podcast

    Reality Bomb Episode 058

    Reality Bomb - a Doctor Who podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:30 (GMT) - 18 Jun 2018

    On the fifty-eighth edition of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk brings together a group of fans who had largely never seen classic Doctor Who until they saw it on Twitch TV including Katherine Climpson, Helena Lane and Evan Tseng to discuss the joys of 1960s Doctor Who alongside classic series writer Andrew Smith. Also, Adrienne Enderle talks about golf ball-munching herbivores, fathers with trowels, Egyptian queens and genocidal maniacs when Dinosaurs on a Spaceship comes to the Gallery of the Underrated. And Joy Piedmont looks into The Caves - a rock opera about The Caves of Androzani - with its co-creator Christian Erickson. Plus, a salute to Graham Strong, who provided crystal clear recordings of so much 1960s Doctor Who... and we look back on the bittersweet memories of the omnirumour. Stephen Cranbrook, who spoke in our segment about Graham Strong will be doing a charitable walk for St. Barnabas House, the hospice which looked after Graham. You can donate to this walk in Graham's memory by visiting Stephen's Just Giving page. Listen now!

  • Geeklectic

    Ep 100 - "Gridlock" commentary & State Of The Fandom


    Direct Podcast Download

    06:47 (GMT) - 18 Jun 2018

    That's right - it's the 100th edition of the Coal Hill AV Club, so - I don't know - I guess you should pretend this podcast is wrapped in a special gold leaf cover like Robert Holmes' "Two Doctors" novelization. Here's the deal: we start off talking about why we love the fandom and why it's a great time to be a fan, what with the Twitch stream and all. After about 25 minutes of that, we launch into a hilarious, insightful, snarktastic live commentary of the 2007 Doctor Who episode "Gridlock", because hey why the heck not? 26:51 - "Gridlock" pre-commentary 30:09 - Actual commentary (note: we were watching the Amazon Prime streaming version - we're 99% sure the DVD has the same edit, but if it doesn't, please let us know so we can crack some skulls.) twitter: @coalhillavclub email: podcast@coalhill.com

  • Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Whocast #365 - Still... a wonderful world

    Whocast.de (Deutsche)

    Direct Podcast Download

    19:59 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    Im gemutlichen Wochenendplausch werfen Kolja und Raphael einen kurzen Blick auf die Neuigkeiten der letzten Zeit und alles was so im Briefkasten gelandet ist. Ausserdem gibt es eine frohe Ankundigung in eigener Sache, also haltet Euch den 30.06.2018 so ab 19:30 mal frei. Nahere Infos wo genau ihr unseren Live-Geburtstags-Folgen-Review-Uberraschungs-und-Geschenke-Cast horen und mitchatten konnt, findet ihr ein paar Tage vorher auf dieser Webseite, bei Facebook oder auf Twitter.

  • Radio Free Skaro

    Radio Free Skaro #640 - Restoration Glee

    Radio Free Skaro

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:00 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    It's a jam-packed extravaganza from 1975 this week as we dive deep into the impending release of the Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray starring one Tom Baker as Dr. Who, with interviews from executive producer Russell Minton and director/producer Paul Vanezis what worked on that there shiny set of discs! Plus banter from two of the Three Who Rule who ventured to their local cinemas to view all 625 glorious lines of resolution of "Genesis of the Daleks". Also San Diego Comic-Con news, the odd tale of Doctor Who on Crackle in Latin America, and more!


    - Genesis of the Daleks - UK Season 12 Blu-Ray release delayed - Doctor Who at San Diego Comic-Con - Chloe Dysktra Medium post - Original Doctor Who Comic-Con panel moderator is no longer - Doctor Who Series 10 long-listed for Emmy - Crackle to distribute Doctor Who in Latin America - Jodie Whittaker promoting Cystic Fibrosis UK


    - Genesis of the Daleks - Russell Minton - Paul Vanezis

  • Trust Your Doctor

    Episode 205: Break Glass to Win

    Trust Your Doctor

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:57 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    That’s all there is to it. Break glass and win.

    This is the end of the Russell T. era. Sort of. Almost. Kind of. Just kidding. There’s still like 4 more weeks for us to go, but it’s basically over. Russell T. has basically thrown in the towel, given us the best season finale of the reboot (so far) and now is going to coast and rest on his laurels until he can basically throw the reigns off onto Stephen Moffat.

    1:30 Sorry for linking to Know Your Meme.
    1:57 Ocean’s 8 is the sequel to Magnificent 7.
    5:56 Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist and writer, but I’m pretty sure he’s mostly famous for being a douchebag to anyone who believes in religion.
    10:10 Sarah Jane also encountered the Daleks in Death to the Daleks.
    19:14 Here’s the Blake’s 7 forum I was talking about.
    28:06 Here’s the image with all the companions leading up to Rose. All of the females ones at least (and K9).

    Doctor Who (c) The BBC
    Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
    The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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  • Transmissions From Atlantis

    Episode 144 - Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the MCU

    Transmissions From Atlantis

    Direct Podcast Download

    15:34 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    JC and Rita are back with a new sound and a jam-packed podcast! First, we catch up on the two biggest films of the summer, Deadpool 2 and Solo – A Star Wars Story. Then we give you the low down on our newest geeky project, re-watching the MCU in chronological order.

    In Doctor Who – there are MAJOR Season 11 rumors including the return of a fan favorite!

    All this and more on TFA 144!

    Download Now

    Transmissions From Atlantis 144 – Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the MCU

    • Opening
    • Deadpool2
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story
    • The Marvel Cinematic Universe Chronological Order
    • Doctor Who
      • When are we getting the next trailer?
      • Return of a few favoriters?
    • Closing featuring U2’s Sweetest Thing

    Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

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  • Who Back When

    N078 The Doctor's Wife

    Who Back When

    Direct Podcast Download

    12:58 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    The madman with a box loses his box and gains a bitey mad lady

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  • Staggering Stories Podcast

    Staggering Stories Podcast #291: Goodbye, our Victorian Friends

    Staggering Stories Podcast

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    09:00 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018


    Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith, Jean Riddler and the Real Keith Dunn discuss a swan song in Jago and Litefoot Forever and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, find some general news, and a variety of other stuff, specifically:

    • 00:00 – Intro and theme tune.
    • 01:39 — Welcome!
    • 03:12 – News:
    • 03:15 — Doctor Who: Big Finish gets Classy.
    • 06:18 — Game of Thrones: Prequel TV series in the works.
    • 07:50 — DC: Joker gets a film?
    • 09:26 — Doctor Who: Fan show tours UK.
    • 11:01 — Locke and Key: Netflix to order a new TV pilot?
    • 12:20 — Tron: Third film back from the dead?
    • 13:32 – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
    • 29:48 – Jago and Litefoot Forever.
    • 40:47 – Emails and listener feedback.
    • 53:27 – Farewell for this podcast!
    • 54:11 — End theme, disclaimer, copyright, etc.

    Vital Links:

    • Staggering Stories.
    • BBC: Doctor Who.
    • BBC: Class.
    • Big Finish: Class.
    • HBO: Game of Thrones.
    • DC Comics.
    • Rob Lloyd: Who, Me – UK Tour.
    • Wikipedia: Locke & Key.
    • Wikipedia: Tron.
    • Wikipedia: Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom.
    • Big Finish: Jago and Litefoot Forever.
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  • The Doctor Who Show

    What Doctor Who Did Next (The Doctor Who Show Presents: Virgin NAs and MAs)

    The Doctor Who Show

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    08:09 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    Deemed by the guys a little too niche for a regular episode, in this Doctor Who Show Presents... Dave takes Rob on a short trip through the Virgin New Adventures (1991-1997), and to a lesser extent, the Virgin Missing Adentures (1994-1997), with a mention of the Featuring Bernice Summerfield line of books (1997-1999). A future episode will see Rob taking Dave through the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures (1997-2005) and the BBC Past Doctor Adventures (1997-2005). Stay tuned for that in the months ahead.

    Timewyrm: Genesys, Timewyrm: Exodus, Timewyrm: Apocalypse, Timewyrm: Revelation, Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible, Cat's Cradle: Warhead, Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, Nightshade, Love and War, Transit, The Highest Science, The Pit, Deceit, Lucifer Rising, White Darkness, Shadowmind, Birthright, Iceberg, Blood Heat, The Dimension Riders, The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Conundrum, No Future, Tragedy Day, Legacy, Theatre of War, All-Consuming Fire, Blood Harvest, Strange England, First Frontier, St Anthony's Fire, Falls the Shadow, Parasite, Warlock, Set Piece, Infinite Requiem, Sanctuary, Human Nature, Original Sin, Sky Pirates!, Zamper, Toy Soldiers, Head Games, The Also People, Shakedown, Just War, Warchild, Sleepy, Death and Diplomacy, Happy Endings, GodEngine, Christmas on a Rational Planet, Return of the Living Dad, The Death of Art, Damaged Goods, So Vile a Sin, Bad Therapy, Eternity Weeps, The Room With No Doors, Lungbarrow, The Dying Days

    Goth Opera, Evolution, Venusian Lullaby, The Crystal Bucephalus, State of Change, The Romance of Crime, The Ghosts of N-Space, Time of Your Life, Dancing the Code, The Menagerie, System Shock, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Invasion of the Cat-People, Managra, Millennial Rites, The Empire of Glass, Lords of the Storm, Downtime, The Man in the Velvet Mask, The English Way of Death, The Eye of the Giant, The Sands of Time, Killing Ground, The Scales of Injustice, The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, Twilight of the Gods, Speed of Flight, The Plotters, Cold Fusion, Burning Heart, A Device of Death, The Dark Path, The Well-Mannered War

    Andrew Cartmel, Andrew Hunt, Andy Lane, Barry Letts, Ben Aaronovitch, Christopher Bulis, Craig Hinton, Daniel Blythe, Daniel O'Mahony, Dave Stone, David A. McIntee, David Banks, Gareth Roberts, Gary Russell, Jim Mortimore, John Peel, Justin Richards, Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Lawrence Miles, Marc Platt, Mark Gatiss, Martin Day, Matthew Jones, Neil Penswick, Nigel Robinson, Paul Cornell, Paul Leonard, Peter Darvill-Evans, Russell T. Davies, Simon Bucher-Jones, Simon Messingham, Stephen Marley, Steve Lyons, Terrance Dicks

  • Who New

    Episode 405: The Poison Sky

    Who New

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    06:00 (GMT) - 17 Jun 2018

    The Doctor, Donna, Martha, and UNIT continue to battle Luke Rattigan and the Sontarans!

    Join us as we discuss episode 405: The Poison Sky

    Toxic gas is choking the world and Rattigan is planning to lead his chosen few to a new world. While the Martha clone works to stop them, The Doctor and Donna run around London and a Sontaran Battle Cruiser to stop the invasion. And wait, who was that on the Tardis monitor?

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  • Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Metebelis 2 #80 - Chekhov's Alien

    Doctor Who: The Metebelis 2

    Direct Podcast Download

    18:54 (GMT) - 16 Jun 2018

    In this episode, the Metebelis 2 continue their examination of Big Finish's Paul McGann stories with a listen to Paul Magr's "The Stones of Venice". What will the lads think of their time in 23rd century Venice in the Magrsverse? How has this story held up since its release in 2001? Opening music is from the Rolling Stone's 1974 song, "Time Waits For No One". Closing music is from Russell Stone's score of "The Stones of Venice".

  • Doctor Who Time and Space

    Doctor Who time and space (268)

    Doctor Who Time and Space

    Direct Podcast Download

    17:49 (GMT) - 16 Jun 2018

    Lewis Moon has gone solo for this week's edition of doctor who time and space as he takes another delve into the goings on of the whoniverse while D-Cool takes a weeks break from the show. D-Cool is here for a pre-recorded feature, however as the duo participate in the final best possible series, this time on Matt Smith's eleventh doctor. Also, Lewis reviews the acclaimed tenth doctor story and global phenomenon Blink and discusses the latest news from the last seven days in the doctor who universe.

  • The Pharos Project Podcast

    Pharos Project 223: Attack the Doc

    The Pharos Project Podcast

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    15:13 (GMT) - 16 Jun 2018

    Miss Natalie joins us as we talk about "Attack the Block"

  • The Krynoid Podcast

    106: Terminus

    The Krynoid Podcast

    Direct Podcast Download

    13:35 (GMT) - 16 Jun 2018

    "What is this horrendous place?"

    Well, Nyssa, it's Terminus - a place to which Bor was presumably drawn by nominative determinism.

    It's a drab old hospital where the porters are metal, the doctors are Goths and the burglars are New Romantics.

    The Doctor wins a fight, Nyssa loses her skirt and Tegan draws the short straw, what with Turlough staring at her posterior and the extras revealing her upper assets.

    Did Olvir train at the Wayne Sleep Combat Academy?

    Is the Doctor's creepy CCTV standard TARDIS issue?

    Do the Vanir have enough dog poop bags to last until their next Ocado delivery?

    And did Jim and Martin find Terminus to be a real tonic or some used Hydromel?

    Find out here...

  • Discussing Who

    Review of School Reunion, Doctor Who Series 2 Episode 3

    Discussing Who

    Direct Podcast Download

    11:01 (GMT) - 16 Jun 2018

    The Doctor left Sarah Jane Smith to return to Gallifrey at the end of The Hand of Fear. While she appeared in various specials after, Elisabeth Sladen introduced a new generation to the character who stole the hearts of Doctor Who fandom when she returned to the show in 2006’s School Reunion. Join us as we review the story and discuss the impact Liz Sladen had on the show. Episode 110 of Discussing Who is hosted by Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and Kyle Jones. This episode presented in loving memory of Elisabeth Sladen.

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